Seasonic SYNCRO Q704

The interior

The interior of the SYNCRO Q704 has an inverted layout and is made to accommodate either a standard air-cooling system for the CPU and GPU or a complete custom-built watercooling system.


The floor of the case is covered by a power supply shroud which is made from solid metal. The top part of this shroud is perforated to allow for easy passage of airflow towards the power supply.


There are plenty of spaces around the motherboard tray for easy routing of cables. However, none of these spaces are covered by rubber grommets.


The back side of the motherboard tray has plenty of space for cable management and the main SSD storage spaces in the shape of three standard trays. These are attached to the case with just a single thumb screw per tray.


Towards the front of the case and on it’s floor, there are the only 3.5” storage locations. These metal containers can be easily removed to allow for the installation of large water-cooling radiators. This is one reason why the power supply shroud is not covering the entire length of the case.


At the back of the motherboard tray and towards the front of the case there is a plastic shroud that covers the slot for the Seasonic Connect module. If the module is not installed, this space is used for routing cables.


The cables of the I/O panel of this case are completely black.

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