Seasonic SYNCRO Q704

Visual inspection

The Seasonic SYNCRO Q704 has an outstanding design based mainly on functionality and the usage of metal in the construction of the case. The design uses straight angled with plenty of cutouts for airflow and exhaust. In addition, the front of the case has a subtle vertical brushed texture etched into the texture of the metal.

The SYNCRO Q704 has a single tempered glass side panel and a solid metal panel.

The case has a weight of 12 kg, with the dimensions: L x W x H: 537 x 234 x 493mm


The side panels of the case are different in both structure and design. The main side panel is made from solid tempered glass and has a metal handle at the front. In addition, this side panel uses two hinges at the back of the case for an easier access inside the chassis.

Before you can open this side panel, you must remove a metal made holder installed on the lower side of the case.


The opposite side panel is made entirely out of solid metal. It also has a cutout towards the front, this is made to allow for easy view of the Connect module that is installed there.


The front side of the SYNCRO Q704 has a solid metal made panel that allows for plenty of airflow thanks to a gap between the front metal plate and the dust filter enclosure. The front metal plate has a brushed texture and the Seasonic logo on the lower part. This type of front panel is the best of both worlds, in essence you have the looks of a solid panel with the benefits of a mesh grill.


The front intake dust filter is located behind the front metal plate. You remove it by sliding it from the left side of the case.


The intake of the SYNCRO Q704 is done by no less than three 120mm fans pre-installed at the front of the chassis. These fans are made bv Nidec Servo, the same company that made the Genthle Typhoon fan and the main reason why these fans look the same as the Typhoon.

The case can accommodate either the three 120mm fans which are already preinstalled or three 140mm fans. In terms of radiator support at the front, you can install up to a single 360mm radiator.


The I/O panel is found on the top of the SYNCRO Q704, on the right side. This panel includes the following:
– 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
– 2x USB 3.0
– 1x Headphone
– 1x Microphone
– 1x Power button
– 1x Reset button


The top of the SYNCRO Q704 is simple in design, the fan slots are covered by a plastic made magnetic dust filter. Towards the front of the case and on the right, there is the I/O panel before mentioned.


The back side of the case is simple apart from the inverted layout that is used on this case. There are a total of seven expansion slots and their removable covers alongside the rear preinstalled fan. In addition, at the back of the power supply space there is a metal plate that will hold the power supply attached to the chassis.


The power supply space at the bottom of the case is around 280 mm. The power supply sits on thick foam pads on the floor of the case.


The underside of the SYNCRO Q704 has a dust filter that protects the entire underside of the case. This filter can be removed from the front of the case.


The SYNCRO Q704 sits on two wide metal made feet. These have the same brushed texture as the front of the case and use thick rubber pads to protect the surface the case sits on.


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