Sabrent Rocket Q4 2TB

Visual inspection

The Sabrent Rocket Q4 2TB has a good design, with a black and white color combination and gold accents on the front label. In many ways the Q4 follows the same design as the entire Rocket series, we are talking of course about the label installed on the front side of the SSD.

The Rocket Q4 2TB uses the standard M.2 2280 form factor, with a width of 22 mm and a length of 80 mm. This makes this SSD compatible with all M.2 sockets that follow the same 2280 form factor.


The Rocket Q4 2TB has a label applied on its front side. The design of this label is identical with that used on all Sabrent M.2 SSD, the only difference between them is the color combination used. However, this label is not applied on the SSD for decoration only, as the back side has a thin layer of copper. This makes the label act as a small heatsink that will offer some degree of cooling to the SSD components.


The controller used on the Rocket Q4 2TB is a Sabrent PH-SBT-RKT-401. This controller is in fact a rebranded Phison controller, with the model number: PS5016-E16.

This controller is one of if not the first commercially available controller that officially supports the new PCI-Express 4.0 interface. More than that, this controller can handle up to 5 GB/s write speeds, but that will depend on the rest of the components in your PC.


The Sabrent Rocket Q4 2TB uses two Hynix made DRAM chips, with a total capacity of 2GB of fast DRAM storage. These DRAM chips are DDR4 and are running at a frequency of 2666MHz. These chips are installed on both sides of the PCB and have the model number: H5AN8G8NCJ.


The Rocket Q4 2TB has memory chips made by Micron. These are QLC type flash chips and are built using the 96-Layer design. The model number of these chips is: IA7HG66AWA.

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