The following system was used to test the cooler:
– Processor: Intel i9 9900K @ 5GHz
– Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming X
– RAM: Neo Forza Faye DDR4 64GB 3600MHz
– GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X
– SSD: Crucial p5 500GB
– Mass Storage: Neo Forza NFP075 2 TB
– PSU: Seasonic Prime TX-1000 Platinum
– Case: be quiet! Silent Base 802 White
– Thermal compound: Noctua NT-H2


Software used for testing the cooler:

– AIDA64 Extreme Version: 6.90.6500
– Intel Burn Test v2.54
– Prime95 29.1

The cooler was tested with the CPU at the default turbo frequency of 4.9 GHz and overclocked to 5 GHz with a core voltage of 1.261 V.
Also, the included fans have been used at their maximum speed.
The room temperature was approximately 26°C (78°F), with 2°C margin of error.
The idle test consists of the CPU sitting idle at the desktop for 30 minutes, the temperature was measured at the end of the test.


The settings of the software used are the following:
Intel Burn Test v2.54 – Stress level: Maximum
Prime95 29.1- small FFT
AIDA64 Extreme Version – FPU Benchmark & Temperature monitoring.
Each test was conducted for 40 minutes.




Full Load – IntelBurnTest V2


Full Load – AIDA64 CPU, FPU & Cache


The noise level was measured at three different distances from the fans (10cm, 20cm, 30cm.) the noise was measured with a margin of error of ± 2 db.


In the video below you have a noise sample of the CPU cooler with its fan at maximum RPM.


Final thoughts

The GameMax IceChill 240 is a unique all in one liquid CPU cooler that does offer a good cooling performance. However, there are issues mainly linked to the design of the fans and how they install on the radiator. The design of the frame makes the fans impossible to install in a pull configuration, which means that for a push and pull configuration you need different fans.
From a performance perspective, this CPU cooler is capable, as it handled an overclocked i9 9900K CPU running at 5GHz on all cores and peaked at 88°C. This level of performance is on par with other all in one liquid CPU coolers on the market, even the models from the big brands. However, all this performance comes at a price, this CPU cooler is not quiet with a noise output peak of 42 decibels. It’s not too bad especially for two 120mm fans that spin fast, but it could have been quieter overall.
The mounting system is good and uses mostly metal parts, it’s not complicated at all. This mounting system has been used before in one way or another with many CPU coolers, so it has a proven track record.
If there are drawbacks of this cooler, it has to be the price and the fan design. At the moment the GameMax IceChill 240 is priced at over 90 US dollars or EUR, which is a lot. And it is a lot especially when we have coolers like the be quiet! Pure Loop 240 which is cheaper, better made, quieter and better at cooling.
The fan mounting system is needlessly complex, with screws and a screw cover as well. In addition, using these fans in a push pull configuration is impossible as they only mount one way. While I do appreciate the design language, I cannot understand why design took priority over basic functionality.
In conclusion, the GameMax IceChill 240 is a good looking and capable CPU cooler that will surely look great in any gaming system. The performance offered by this CPU cooler is good, and the noise output is not as high as expected. However, there are issues, starting with the high price, the one-way mounting system of the fans and the lack of availability in certain parts of the world. If you can find this CPU cooler for cheap and you like this design, then it’s a good choice for you, as for all intents and purposes, it’s a good CPU cooler.

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