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The IceChill 240 is an AIO CPU cooler that as a unique design, as it uses a radical fan shape and plenty of addressable RGB LEDs. This CPU cooler is part of the IceChill series and is available in multiple radiator size variants, the unit featured in this review is the 240mm model.

The showpiece of this CPU cooler, design wise, is the shape of the fan frame and their general design.


The CPU waterblock used on this CPU cooler is designed to look good and highlight the unique look of the entire CPU cooler. The body of this water block has a glossy texture that is of course, a fingerprint magnet.

The front side of the CPU waterblock has a typical infinity mirror applied on its entire surface. This when combined with the integrated addressable RGB LEDs will create an infinity effect that is often found on high end gaming CPU coolers.

The water block has a height of 80 mm and a width of 71 mm and it should not pose any issues with clearance even on small motherboards.

The fittings on the water block are made from plastic and can swivel as well as being angled. This makes the installation of the CPU cooler easier as the tubes have more wiggle room around your graphics card and motherboard.



The fittings on the radiator side are made from plastic and have a glossy texture. These are fixed and not angled and cannot move at all.


The baseplate used on this CPU cooler is made from solid copper and has a smooth surface. The baseplate is attached to the pump and waterblock with eight Torx screws. While this makes the waterblock serviceable, I would advise against tampering with the screws due to warranty issues later.


The tubes used with the IceChill 240 are the standard diameter. The sleeving that is covering them is synthetic and has a slight glossy texture.


The IceChill 240 as the name suggests, uses a 240mm aluminum made radiator. What is good to see with this radiator is a dedicated fill and bleed port which is installed next to the fittings.
While this port is useful for bleeding the air out of the loop, using it means voiding the warranty as the port is covered by a warranty sticker.


The fans used on the IceChill 240 have a unique design that has only been seen a few times with other CPU coolers, the most notable one being the EVGA AIO coolers. What makes these fans unique is that they have a different frame design that only allows them to be installed one way.

However, this design means that you cannot use these fans in a push pull configuration and the frame does not allow it. To remove the fans from the radiator, all you need to do is remove the silver caps and unscrew the fans.

The fans have a maximum speed of 1900 RPM and a minimum speed of 800 RPM. Thankfully, these fans can be controlled through PWM.


Each fan has no less than two cables with a single connector each, this means that in total you will have four cables to deal with. This cable clutter could have been avoided with just sleeving both wires together or having a daisy chain system.


The mounting system used on these fans is interesting to say the least. If you thought that these silver things were thumb screws, you were wrong. These are simple plastic caps that cover some screws that have a custom length. This means that if you lose one, you will have a hard time finding a replacement.

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