NEO FORZA collaborates with INVADER PC in hosting the MORTAL KOMBAT 1 TOURNAMENT


SINGAPORE, 14th September 2023

NEO FORZA, the retail and gaming brand owned by Gold Key Inc. has partnered with INVADER PC to host a MORTAL KOMBAT 1 TOURNAMENT!

With the 14th September release of MORTAL KOMBAT 1, the game has been garnering rave reviews by many game-media at the time of this event press release . Having first-hands on the game prior the embargo date (14th September), the gaming experience and hype is certainly REAL.

“It will be an exciting event opened to PC gamers living in Singapore on a first-registration-first-serve basis. It will be executed in 3 sessions with a total of 32 contestants duking out to the eventual 3 champions,” said spokesperson for Dynacore Technologies Pte Ltd which owns the INVADER PC brand of high performance desktop gaming machines.

“With much co-planning, and execution by both NEO FORZA and INVADER PC we endeavor to seeing PC gaming expand within the total gaming community which includes mobile and console gaming. We are 100% behind PC gaming culture and growth,” – Linda Lee, Marketing Officer, Goldkey Technology Corporation which owns Neo Forza.

The first ever Mortal Kombat 1 Tournament, in South East Asia, starts on 23rd September 2023. Only 32 slots available (very limited). If you are a PC gamer residing in Singapore, register NOW


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