Fractal Design Torrent RGB

Visual inspection

The Fractal Design Torrent RGB is made to offer as much airflow as possible and that’s obvious when looking at it from the front. The massive front grill is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, while also have a unique design.

The Torrent RGB is a new approach in terms of both design and internal layout. This is not a customized Fractal Design Define chassis, but an entire new model.
The model used in this review is the Torrent RGB TG Black variant

The case has a weight of 11.1 kg, with the dimensions: L x W x H: 544 x 242 x 530mm.


The side panels of the Torrent RGB are made from tempered glass, in the case of the model reviewed here, both panels are tinted as well.
The way you remove the side panels is simple, you just pull from the top side and they release from their slots.


The front side of the Torrent RGB TG is one of the main features of this case. It has a linear design that also is reminiscent of a minimalist concept or drawing. Thanks to its shape, the intake of the Torrent is exceptional as it allows plenty of airflow to be drawn inside the case.


The front panel is easy to remove as you just pull on it. Behind this panel there is a mesh type dust filter that is attached to the front panel with some clips. The access to the front filter is very easy because not only the filter can be removed with ease but the entire front panel is held attached with clips.


The intake of the Torrent RGB TG is done at the front, and done by two 180mm fans. These fans have a maximum speed of 1200RPM and are the Prisma AL-18 models. Using large 180mm fans is the best way to ensure optimal airflow without a higher-than-average noise output.

In addition to the preinstalled fans at the front, here you can install either 3x 140 or 3x 120mm, however the included two 180mm fans are the best option. In terms of radiator support at the front, you can install up to 420mm radiators.


The I/O panel is installed on the top side of the case and its on a static panel. This means that you can remove all panels of the case without disturbing the I/O or its cables. The I/O panel includes the following:
of the Silent Base 802 is placed above the front panel of the case. Here the following buttons and switches can be found:

– 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
– 2x USB 3.0
– 1x Headphone
– 1x Microphone
– 1x Power button
– 1x Reset button


The top side of the case is the main feature of the Torrent, as this is where the power supply is installed. While other modern cases have their power supply at the bottom of the case, the Torrent has it at the top.

The top panel can be easily removed as it is held in place by just two thumb screws.


The space available for the power supply is approximately 230 mm. In addition, the power supply sits on thick rubber pads and has plenty of cutouts for cable management and especially for airflow.


The back side of the Torrent RGB is simple in terms of the design but not without features. The case has a total of seven expansion slot covers and all can be removed or reattached with ease.


One good feature are these Velcro straps that are installed alongside the height of the case. These are not for show, these are essential as the power supply is installed at the top and the power AC cable needs to be held attached to the case. Therefore, we have these Velcro straps, a nice addition that solves one of the main issues of a top mounted PSU.


At the back of the case there is a fan slot that is left empty. Here you can install either a 140mm or a 120mm fan, or leave it empty. In addition, the entire back panel of the case is perforated to allow for a better airflow to escape the chassis.


The underside of the Torrent RGB is covered by a large filter that spans the entire length of the case. This filter is easy to remove, however, the front panel of the case must be removed as well. The Torrent RGB sits on two large and wide plastic made feet. These have rubber pads glued on the underside to increase the grip and prevent any scratches.


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