PetitFabrik and Neo Forza Announce the Launch of Kukoos – Lost Pets 3D Platform Game

Brazilian-based studio, PetitFabrik announces a joint-collaboration with Neo Forza (a brand of DRAM and SSD manufacturer Goldkey Technology Corporation) to launch a brand new 3D platform game, Kukoos – Lost Pets.

Nominated for Best Console Game at Game Connection X Chinajoy 2021 Global Game Development Awards, the game drops players into an adorable cartoonish world where they must rescue a series of brainwashed pets being held captive by a maniacal robot frog. With plenty of collectables and hidden secrets to find, Kukoos – Lost Pets has callbacks to legendary titles like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. Travel through several gorgeous levels filled with secrets, collectibles, and tricky puzzles, and lead the Kukoos to the answer behind this unlikely rebellion from their feathered and furry pals.

There will be free and discounted keycodes for the PC version of the game to anyone who purchases a Neo Forza product; be it standalone retail or pre-installed in a desktop PC or notebook. STEAM has worked out the mechanics for the limited free and discounted keycodes, to coincide with this collaboration and the launch of the PC version of Kukoos – Lost Pets.


The global trailer can be found here


Both companies envision an expansion of Kukoos – Lost Pets world to including an MMO universe, merchandise, regional/global support, and further cohesion between the video gaming industry and DRAM / SSD industry.

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