Visual inspection

The TOZO Golden X1 have a simple design with an all-black casing and a highly reflective Tozo logo on each earbud. The earbuds are small and light, each having a weight of just 5.8g, which means that while using them, you won’t feel their weight.

Included with the earbuds you get a carrying case that has an integrated 500mAh battery to charge the earbuds on the go.


The Golden X1 use 12mm audio drivers and Knowles balanced armature drivers. The mesh covering the drivers is a high reflective gold. The same shade of gold used on the Tozo logo on the casing of the earbuds.


The carrying case is made from plastic and has the same all black texture as the earbuds. This case however has as few features that will improve your experience. The first one being the integrated display that will show the battery charge of the case, the battery level of each earbud as well as the left and right indicators.


The mounting system of the earbuds and the case is based around strong magnets. In essence, the earbuds will snap into place in the correct slot and remain there until you use them.
It’s a simple system that has been proven to work reliably.


The carrying case is using a simple USB Type C connector and cable for charging.

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