The basic functions are accessible by tapping the sides of the ear buds, the system is intuitive and easy to understand. You double tap the right earbud to switch to the next song, or double tap the left earbud to go to the previous song.

Changing the mode of the earbuds is done by tapping the left earbuds, doing this will cycle through the main preinstalled modes, such as noise canceling mode, the transparent mode and regular mode.


The performance of these earbuds is impressive to say the least, especially when compared to wired earbuds that are often better in sound quality as they are using wires to send the signal from the phone to the drivers. TOZO Golden X1 though, behave like normal earbuds and sound great.

The bass is good and does not cover the mid-range and the voices are clear with no issues or clipping. These earbuds have a balanced sound stage with a punchy mid-range. The lower frequencies can be brighter than required but overall, the sound quality is great.

The microphone, the sound quality is nothing to write home about but it’s good enough to have conversations and that’s the main purpose of the microphone in the first place. Unfortunately, these being Bluetooth earbuds a lot of issues are present when trying to record something through their microphone.

The noise canceling system is good, it won’t completely block all sounds but I’d say that close to 70% of the noise is reduced, and the system can be enabled or disabled on the go with just a tap on the left earbud.


While the Golden X1 can work by default with no app installed, you can use the Tozo app and get more features out of the earbuds. The app is lightweight on the phone and is available on all major platforms.

What is important to know with this app is that while you can create an account, you are not forced to do so. This is a step in the right direction as many apps are forcing you to log in and stay online if you want to use the app.

In terms of the functionality and design, the app is great and intuitive. You gain easy access to all modes available with the earbuds and a custom mode too. This is in addition to having access to all settings and functions of the earbuds.


The battery life for the earbuds is around 6 to 7 hours if the AAC codec is used. However, if you switch to the LDAC codec and turn on the active noise canceling then your battery life will drop to around 3 hour and a half of continuous playtime. These values will vary based on many factors including the outside temperature which might affect the performance of the battery. Thus, take these readings as general guidance and estimates.


Final thoughts

The TOZO Golden X1 are a great pair of Bluetooth earbuds that deliver not only a great sound stage but have a good noise canceling system. The lightweight build of the earbuds makes them comfortable even after a few hours of usage. However, you must try the different ear tips which are include with the earbuds, as you need a good fit to benefit from the noise canceling function.

The earbuds and the included app are both user freely and require no account to work well on all mobile platforms. While the earbuds do work without the app, you will get more out of them feature wise with the app installed.

The LDAC codec is useful if you are playing high quality files such as flac. However, using this codec will lower the battery life of the earbuds as it requires more power.
One of the best things about the TOZO Golden X1 must be the noise canceling system which is good. This system is especially useful in a gym or in a loud environment.

In conclusion, the TOZO Golden X1 is a great pair of Bluetooth earbuds that are not only useful but deliver on the promised performance. The LDAC codec is useful if you are using high bitrate audio files. However, the battery life is not as good as it could have been, at only 6 hours of playtime without the LDAC code running.

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