Synology DS720+


Visual inspection

The Synology DS720+ has the same design elements as the rest of the DS series. The casing of this NAS is made from metal with few plastic components used.
On the front side of the NAS, there are only two drive bays which can be used with either 3.5” or 2.5” Hard Drives or 2.5” SSDs. These drive bays use a simple sliding mechanism with a clip at the front. In addition, the included keys can lock the drive trays inside the NAS.

The Synology DS720+ has a weight of 1.51 kg without the storage devices installed. The dimensions of the NAS are: (H x W x D): 166 mm x 106 mm x 223 mm.


The Synology logo is cutout in the surface of both sides of the NAS. While also having a cosmetic purpose, these cutouts will act as vent holes for the internal components of the NAS.


The DS720+ has a single USB 3.0 port located above the Power Button. This port is used to easily connect an external storage device to the NAS system.
It is good to point out that both drive bays are labeled as “1” and “2”. This is important as once the drives are installed and a RAID array is enabled, if you remove the drives, they must be reinstalled in the same bay. Failure to do so will result in instability or even data loss.


At the back, the NAS has an additional USB 3.0 port alongside an eSATA port and two RJ-45 1GbE LAN Ports.
On the left side of the LAN ports there is a small Reset button and, on the right, a locking slot.
The round port installed on the lower left corner is the 12V AC power slot of the NAS.


The NAS is cooled by a single 92mm fan installed at the back of the case. This fan can be controlled by the DiskStation Manager (DSM) software. This fan is made by Y.S Tech and uses a standard two pin connector for its power. The usage of such a connector means that the speed of the fan is controlled through voltage.


The Synology DS720+ sits on four rubber pads that are glued onto plastic feet. This a simple system that will allow the NAS to not only get airflow on the underside. In addition, the rubber pads will prevent the NAS from scratching the surface it sits on.


On the underside of the NAS, there are two M.2 sockets with individual covers. These sockets are used for the cache system of the DS720+. Unfortunately, the M.2 SSDs are only used for the cache system and thus, will increase the speed of the NAS. They cannot be used for additional storage space.

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