SPC Gear Viro Plus


The SPC Gear Viro Plus is well made, with a solid metal structure and good quality plastic panels installed on the ear cups. The brushed texture applied on the sides of the headsets is prone to fingerprints and marks, however, it is well made and should resist scratches and dust infiltration inside the grooves.


The ear cushions of the SPC Gear Viro Plus are good and feel good when used. This is thanks to the soft foam installed inside them and the soft fabric that is the outer shell. However, just like any other leather earcups, these will get warm with time and the lack of breathability will be an inconvenient.


The following songs have been used to test the headsets:
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Soundtrack
– Daft Punk – Give Life Back to Music
– Daft Punk Feat Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky
– Daft Punk Feat Panda Bear – Doin’ It Right
– Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)
– Desire – Under Your Spell
– Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
– Gramatik – No Way Out
– Gramatik – Break Loose
– Glass Animals – Toes
– Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
– Dan Croll – From Nowhere
– T-Rex – Get It On
– Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady
– Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
– Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son


In terms of the sound, the SPC Gear Viro Plus has a balanced sound, no frequency overpowering another. This is great to see, as often, affordable headsets are using too much bass to compensate for the lack of depth for the mid and high frequency. The SPC Gear Viro Plus does not need that, as it’s balanced and has a great sound signature.


The microphone sound quality is good enough for daily usage. The background noise is kept to a minimum and the voice is clear. Click the video below for a noise sample.


Final thoughts

The SPC Gear Viro Plus is one of the best gaming headsets for under 50US dollars or EUR.

The build quality is great, there are no uneven gaps in the plastic panels and whatever component is made from metal, it is made properly. A thick metal component will make the difference between a broken pair of headsets and a functional one, especially after a few years of usage.

The microphone sound quality is good enough for this price range. Your voice is clear and easy to understand with minimal background noise present. It will not replace a proper microphone from a quality standpoint, however, the microphone used with these headsets is good enough for daily usage.

The highlight of this headset is the sound, it has a balanced sound stage that works great for both gaming, music, and professional work, although the latter should be done with headsets that are designed for that purpose. Never the less, the SPC Gear Viro Plus is good and I might even start using them as my daily drivers because, they are balanced, and finding a balanced headset these days is tough, especially for this price.

Of course, these headsets are no match for the likes of Sennheiser but it is not playing in that segment of the market. The SPC Gear Viro Plus is playing in the affordable headset market, and it is better than a lot of other headsets that are under the 100 us dollar or EUR mark.

In conclusion, the SPC Gear Viro Plus are an outstanding pair of headsets, especially for the asked price. The performance is great, with a balanced sound and included USB sound card. The microphone quality is decent and can be used daily. The usage of metal in the construction of the headsets will ensure a long-lasting good experience.


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