SPC Gear Viro Plus

Visual inspection

The SPC Gear Viro Plus has a minimalist design with a combination of plastic, metal, and leather. There is no RGB present on these headsets, which is a great thing to see as it not only adds more failure points but you can’t see it anyway. The Viro Plus is available in two color variants, all black or all white, in this review we have the all-black model equipped with the leather ear cushions.


The sides of the Viro Plus have a linear brushed texture and a dark gray color. The only graphics present on these sides is the SPC Gear logo which has a black color but follows the same brushed metal design as the rest of the headset. In addition, the brushed metal texture is used on the components that hold the headband in place.


The height adjustment is done by simply pulling on the earpad while holding the headband in place. This is a clicking style mechanism and it has been proven to be reliable and easy to use even after a few years.


The included microphone is flexible and removable, as it uses a regular 3.5mm jack for its connection. In addition, the microphone is covered by a foam round pad which will prevent any wind noise from being picked up.


The headband is covered by soft leather and has the SPC Gear logo carved into its surface. The leather material on both sides is attached to the foam of the headband with black wire and stitching. This is the best way to attach leather to a headset headband, as it is reliable even after constant years of usage, unlike adhesive.


The SPC Gear Viro Plus has two sets of ear cushions included. The one preinstalled from the factory has a soft leather fabric applied on its outer surface. The extra pair included in the package uses a textile material and is breathable.


On the bottom side of one of the earcups there are two connecting points. One is a simple 3.5mm jack for the removable cable and the other is the microphone port. You cannot mistake one with the other as the microphone port has a square edge that is meant to align the microphone with the headset.


The SPC Gear Viro Plus has its controls on a remote installed on the cable. The available controls are the standard volume wheel and the mute microphone switch.


The headsets have two cables included in the package, a long cable with a total length of 270mm and a short cable with a length of 120mm. Both cables use the standard 3.5mm audio jack.


The SPC Gear Viro Plus has an included 7.1 Sound card which uses a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB 2.0 connector.

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