SilentiumPC Fera 5

Visual inspection

The SilentiumPC Fera 5 has a good design, it’s simple yet not bland, and it will match even a high-end system, thanks to its usage of an all-black fan and a black cover on the top of the heatsink.
The Fera 5 uses concepts that have been proven effective in both heat dissipation and general design. This means no unusual shapes that only provide eye candy, and no unnecessary components that bump the price of the cooler or affect the airflow.

The dimensions of the cooler are: 155 x 127 x 77 mm.


The heatsink has as simple shape and a single tower design, with no less than 56 aluminum made cooling fins used in its construction. The heatsink is symmetrical and quite small to increase the overall clearance of the CPU cooler.


The cooling fins of the Fera 5 are angled downwards on the sides, this is a simple yet effective concept. This not only creates a channel for the airflow but it also greatly increases the structural integrity of the heatsink as in essence, each cooling fin supports the one at the top and the bottom.


The Fera 5 has four copper made heatpipes which are arranged in the classic U shape. The U shape facilitates the heat dissipation and provides a good base for the cooling fins to attach to.


The endings of the heatpipes are exposed on the sides but covered by a plastic plate. This is the simplest way to have a good-looking CPU cooler without having symmetrical heatpipe endings.


The baseplate of the Fera 5 has a direct touch design, which means that it is made from the four copper heatpipes of the cooler. This type of baseplate is not as good as a solid copper made baseplate, solely because a solid base will be smoother with no gaps or uneven areas.


The Fera 5 uses a single 120mm Silentium PC Fluctus 120 fan. This model is widely used on SilentiumPC products. It has an all-black design with 9 impellers which have a curved design to generate more static pressure.

The fan has a minimum speed of 300RPM and a maximum speed of 1800RPM. However, thanks to the 4 Pin connector and the PMW functionality, the speed can be controlled via the motherboard, a fan hub, or a fan controller.

The corners of the frame are covered by rubber pads to dampen any vibration that might be generated by the rotation of the impellers.

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