Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X5

Visual inspection

The IceSLEET X5 much like the rest of the IceSLEET series, has a unique design, with a unique light blue color. The heatsink and fan are covered by a plastic made shroud which has angular shapes that enhance the look of the CPU cooler.

The dimensions of the cooler are: (H)159mm x (W)146mm x (D)115mm.


The heatsink has a single tower design with a slight offset to increase the RAM clearance at the front of the CPU cooler. The offset is done by bending the heatpipes backwards which pushes the whole cooler away from the RAM slot, it’s a simple yet effective way to increase the clearance.

The total weight of the heatsink with the single 120mm fan installed is 852g.


The IceSLEET X5 uses five heatpipes, hence the name, X5. The heatpipes are made from solid copper and have their surface nickel-plated. The plating is done not only because it looks good but it also offers a good amount of protection against corrosion but also increases the overall strength of the copper.

The heatpipes have an outer diameter of 6mm and are arranged in the standard U shape to better cool the CPU.


The endings of the heatpipes are unfortunately not symmetrical, however they are covered by the plastic shroud.


The CPU cooler has a smooth baseplate which is made from the same type of nickel-plated copper as the heatpipes. The surface of the baseplate is smooth with a mirror like reflection. In addition, the contact between the baseplate and the heatpipes is done at the back of the baseplate.


The heatsink has 49 aluminum cooling fins, and each has a thickness of 0.4 mm. The edges of the fins are smooth and the sides are angled downwards. The angle downwards done on the sides of the heatsink provide a better structure for the heatsink, as each cooling fin is supported by the one under it.


The IceSLEET X5 use a single 120mm fan for its active cooling. Just like other IceSLEET CPU coolers, this fan can only be installed one way, at the front and as an intake.

The mounting system used on this fan is simple, the fan and front shroud are attached to the heatsink with four small plastic tabs.

The IceSLEET X5 fan has a minimum speed of 500RPM and a maximum speed of 1850RPM. Fortunately, the cable of this fan is covered by good quality sleeving and the connector used is a standard 4 Pin PWM.

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