The backpack is comfortable even with a decent amount of weight stored inside. The mesh on the back part is thick and does not compress easily. This is good as on some backpacks, the mesh is so weak that you will start to feel the stitching behind the mesh, and that can get uncomfortable.


On the back side of the Pallad 410 and on the main straps we have a center strap. Nothing appears to be interesting with this strap unless you look closer at its end points. These securing points can be moved up and down and thus, the center strap can be adjusted height wise.


Final thoughts

The Genesis Pallad 410 is a good backpack that has an all-purpose design and plenty of space inside. While this is advertised as a gaming backpack, I struggle to see the gaming part. Sure, you can fit a keyboard inside and a mouse and maybe a pair of headsets, but in general, this backpack can fit many things.
The design is the best thing with the Genesis Pallad 410, it’s simple and different than what we normally see with gaming backpacks. There are no flashy elements present, or graphics for that matter.

The interior layout is good for the most part but in my humble opinion, the notebook space could have had more padding. I’m saying this because while well protected, the notebook is vulnerable when the backpack is bending or when weight is applied on it.

In terms of ergonomics, things are looking good as the main straps are well made and have plenty of pads. The size of this backpack is also a thing to take into consideration when talking about the ergonomics. A big backpack can cause issues, especially for smaller people or if you find yourself in tight spaces.

When we talk about the build quality, there’s nothing to complain about. The stitching are done well across the entire backpack. The materials used are of good quality and that is the case especially in the case of the front waterproof pocket.

The biggest advantage of this backpack apart from its subtle design is the material used on the outer shell, namely, Polyester 1680D. What makes this material so good is the fiber density, 840 per inch both horizontally and vertically, hence the name 1680D.

In conclusion, the Genesis Pallad 410 is a great all-purpose gaming backpack that has a subtle design and a good build quality. The internal layout is good, with slip and zipped pockets and an additional notebook compartment. The one thing that needs improvement is the padding on the notebook compartment, which needs to be thicker to prevent bending of the compartment.

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