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The Genesis Pallad 410 is a gaming backpack that can handle notebooks as large as 15.6”. This backpack can also handle multiple devices at once thanks to its two dedicated compartments and multiple pockets.

However, the highlight of the Pallad 410 is its water-resistant outer layers that will keep the contents dry at least for a period of time. This is thanks to the usage of 1680D polyester and a dedicated front waterproof shell.

The backpack has a weight of 700g, a height of 440mm with a width of 120mm.


The top part of the backpack has the main openings for both compartments. Both are secured with medium sized metal zippers.


The front part has a small pocket that opens and closes with just one zipper on a vertical line. This pocket is water resistant and is ideal for documents and smaller objects such as earbuds, mouse mats and more.

On this part of the backpack, we have a nice design element in the shape of the Genesis name. This logo/name has a different texture than the rest of the backpack and it is reflective.


The sides of the backpack have straps which are positioned to allow for easy carrying of accessories such as tripods. The straps present on both sides of the backpack are adjustable.


In addition to the beforementioned straps, the sides of this backpack have a mesh pocket at the bottom. These types of mesh pockets on the sides are often designed for carrying water bottles.


The rear side of the Pallad 410 is simple in design, with only the name of the backpack printed here. The main straps are thick and padded on their underside to not cause any issues after long periods of usage. The mesh used on this size is good as it allows air to move around and will prevent moisture buildup.


The interior of the Pallad 410 is roomy, with the front compartment taking up most of the same inside. Here you get a few dedicated pockets: two slip pockets and two mesh pockets which are sealed with zippers. The mesh pockets are different in size and opposite to each other in terms of location.

The red part of the backpack is nothing more than more slip pockets.


The second compartment of the backpack is simple, as this is in fact the notebook compartment which can handle notebooks with a size of up to 15.6”. The padding here is good and its position should offer decent protection to any notebook stored here.

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