Biostar B560 GTQ


The following system was used to test the motherboard:
– CPU: Intel i5 11600K
– RAM: Neo Forza Faye DDR4 32GB 3600MHz
– GPU: RTX 2070 Super
– HDD: N/A
– SSD: Neo Forza NFP075 2 TB
– PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 750W Platinum
– CPU Cooler: SilverStone Permafrost PF240W-ARGB
– Case: be quiet! Silent Base 802 White
– OS: Windows 10 64-Bit (After May Update)


Software used for testing the motherboard:
– SuperPi mod 1.5
– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– Cyberpunk 2077
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


SuperPi mod 1.5


Cyberpunk 2077


Shadow of the Tomb Raider


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Final thoughts

The Biostar B560 GTQ is a solid motherboard, and quite the surprise, but it’s a good surprise. The build quality is great and the used components are of high quality, the VRM components, the PMW controller or the capacitors. All are the type of components that we often find on high-end motherboards.

The build quality is very good, nothing is misplaced or left to chance. The fan headers are positioned to be as easy to access as possible. The soldering quality is great and the beforementioned VRM system and its components is a good thing to see on a budget motherboard.

The 12-Phase VRM will keep even a high TDP CPU stable, however, using a high-end CPU on this motherboard is not the best idea. This is thanks to the Intel B560 chipset which has its limitations, mainly the lack of overclocking features. For this motherboard and for all B560 equipped motherboards, a locked CPU is the best option.

In terms of performance, the Biostar B560 GTQ is good and can hold its own against other similarly priced motherboards. However, what this motherboard offers is stability for both the CPU and the RAM kit used.

Other features found on this motherboard include plenty of internal USB headers, a TPM port for a security module and two M.2 Sockets. In addition, the Biostar B560 GTQ has a M.2 Socket for a dedicated Wi-Fi network card. A rare thing these days and especially at thus price point.

There is some RGB present on the Biostar B560 GTQ, on the I/O panel cover and the chipset heatsink. However, the focus of this motherboard is performance and build quality, and it truly delivers that.

In conclusion, the Biostar RACING B560GTQ is a good budget motherboard that uses high quality components which are often found on high end motherboards. The VRM system is overbuilt and can handle even high TDP CPUs. In terms of features, this motherboard has plenty, metal reinforced PCIe slots, M.2 Sockets and a good Bios interface. The only issue with the RACING B560GTQ is the availability which can be a hit or miss.


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