Genesis Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2



Genesis is a gaming brand established in 2011. Ever since the start, the company has supplied the market with gaming accessories ranging from mouse pads, gaming mice and gaming chairs. Now the company has expanded its product line to include keyboards, backpacks and even fans and headsets.


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Packaging and accessories

The Carbon 500 mouse mat is delivered in a long cardboard made box. This packaging follows the same design as the actual mouse mat. With the design printed on multiple sides of the packaging.



Model: Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2
Color: Black & Multicolored pattern
Surface material: Microfibre
Type: Soft
Thickness: 2.5mm
Edges: Stitched
Waterproof: Yes
Weight: N/A
Available models & sizes: 900 x 450 x 2.5mm
Warranty: N/A


– High precision mouse tracking;
– Reduced friction;
– Stitched edges;
– Unique graphics;


Visual inspection

The Genesis Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2 has a unique design, which is what we’ve come to expect from Genesis mouse mats. The design featured on the Maxi Lava G2 is centered around the infinite Genesis logo. It’s an abstract design that uses bright colors and should be at home next to any RGB gaming system.

The Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2 is only available in a large size, with a length of 900mm, a width of 450mm and a thickness of just 2.5mm. Thanks to its size, this mouse mat will easily cover an entire desk and it is almost as long as a standard wood pallet.


The texture used on this mouse mat is soft and has a rubberized coating on it. This type of rubberized coating is what gives the mouse mat its water resistance.

The soft texture is labeled as a “Speed texture”, and this in simple terms means that the surface s designed to offer optimal movement for the mice.


The edges of the mouse mat are stitched with thick string. This is great to see as sticking will keep the mouse mat in one piece for a long time.


The underside texture of this mouse mat is solid rubber and has a chevron pattern. This type of texture and pattern combination is ideal for glossy textures as they will provide optimal grip and no movement of the mouse mat.


The edges of both mouse mats are stitched. This is by far the best way to secure mouse mat edges. Stitching rarely comes undone, especially when done right, and it will not degrade as you wash the mouse mat.


The user experience with Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2 is great, as the mat does not move around the desk. In addition, the soft texture creates a smooth surface and the mouse will simply glide over the mouse mat.


Final thoughts

The Genesis Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2 is a good mouse mat that does its job. The abstract design is not for everyone, especially for those that do not appreciate certain design elements such as lava, fire, lightning and a combination of bright colors. The main advantage of this mouse mat is the soft texture that facilitates the movement of the mouse.

The build quality is good and the mouse mat can withstand liquids and more importantly, cleaning of liquids and general debris. The stitched edges are a great addition when we talk about the build quality, as they will last a long time and add more depth to the design.

If there’s anything to complain about is the rigidity of the stitched edges. This issue is not limited to Genesis pads, it’s present on all mouse mats that use stitching on the edges. With the corners of the mouse mat closer to the edge of the desk, that part of the mouse mat has the tendency to curve upwards, as the stitching is rigid and follows a circle shape.

In conclusion, the Genesis Carbon 500 Maxi Lava G2 is a good gaming mouse mat that delivers on what it promises. It’s easy to work with thanks to its soft surface and more importantly, it’s water resistant an easy to clean. The bright and abstract design is not for everyone and the large size will make it hard to use on medium to small desks.


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