SPC Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Brown RGB


Silentium PC is a company established in 2007 in Warsaw, Poland. Since then they bring high-quality silent PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions to the market, those products are at a reasonable price. They managed it by spending all their funds on the development of the products and not on aggressive marketing & flashy banners.
The development of the products is focused on user-experience and less on marketing numbers meant to bring overnight profits.


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Packaging and accessories

The GK540 Magna is delivered in a standard size cardboard box with a glossy texture.
The front of the packaging features a profile photo of the keyboard with the full RGB illumination turned on. The model of the keyboard and the used mechanical switches are printed on the lower left corner, with the SPC Gear logo above. The main features of the keyboard are listed on the right lower corner with small representative images.


The sides of the box list the specifications and features of the keyboard in multiple languages. The glossy cardboard used on this box is also a dust magnet, whatever dust particles are present in the photo of the packaging are there 15 seconds after cleaning the box.


The back of the packaging has a monochrome diagram of the keyboard with the main functions presented on the right side. Each function and its corresponding key are labeled and showcased on the keyboard diagram.


The keyboard is well protected inside its cardboard box. There are soft high quality foam holders on both edges of the keyboard, and the keyboard itself is wrapped in a soft almost plushy bag.


The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x User Manual
– 1x Key cap remover



Model: GK540 Magna
Product Code: SPG020
Keyboard dimension: 444,5 x 133,5 x 22,5mm
Keyboard Type: Mechanical
Number of keys: 104
Key Architecture: Kailh Brown
Actuation force: 55g
Back-lighting: Full RGB, Individual LED on each key
Anti-Ghosting: Full N-key roll over USB
Memory: Onboard 128 KB
Media Controls: Integrated
Connector: USB Gold Plated
Cable Type: Braided fiber
Cord length: 1.8m
Weight: 1180g
Warranty: 24 Months


– Classic design
– High durability
– Metal top cover
– 18 Predefined Lighting Effects
– 50 Million Keystrokes
– N-KEY Rollover
– Macros

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