Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine DDR4-3200 16GB

Visual inspection

The XPOWER Turbine has a design which is identical in shape with that of the XPOWER Turbine RGB. However, these RAM modules have a light blue color on the heatsink and have no RGB or any type of LED at all. The graphics are kept to a minimum as those are only present on the sides of the RAM module, on a label to be specific.
The RAM modules featured in this review have the model number: SP008GXLZU320BSA and are running at a frequency of 3200MHz from the factory. This kit also has a total capacity of 16GB, and will run in Dual Channel mode.


The general design of the RAM modules is simple and will fit with any type of system. As previously mentioned, the heatsinks are light blue with a light brushed texture applied on all sides. The XPower logo is placed on both sides of the RAM stick, with the memory type placed on the lower side.


The RAM module has a height of approximately 37mm, and the thickness is around 6.5mm. These dimensions make the XPower Turbine ideal for small form factor systems, as the low-profile design of the heatsink will not interfere with the CPU cooler used.


The top of the RAM stick has a curved fin design. These fins not only provide some passive cooling but also allow for air to move inside towards the memory chips.


The paper label which contains the technical information of the RAM module is found on one side of the RAM module. Unfortunately, this label is placed on top of the initial graphics label, thus breaking the design of the RAM module to some extent. The label presents the model number, timings, capacity and serial number.


The heatsink removal process is simple as always, as both sides of the heatsink are held in place by self-adhesive thermal pads. As always, before removal, it is recommended that the sides of the heatsink are slightly warm so that the adhesive is easier to remove.


The XPOWER Turbine has a single side PCB design, thus, the memory chips are placed on just one side of the PCB. The memory chips used with this RAM kit are made by Samsung and have the model number: K4A8G085WB-BCTD. These memory chips are Samsung B-die models and should offer a good overclocking headroom.

2 thoughts on “Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine DDR4-3200 16GB

  • March 8, 2021 at 5:54 pm

    Silicon Power seems to just throw whatever chips it has on hand into this SKU. My set has SK Hynix 8Gbit CJR ICs, and I’ve seen another review where Spectek/Micron chips were under the hood.

    • March 12, 2021 at 12:38 am

      It appears so.


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