AZZA Prisma Digital RGB


Visual inspection

The Prisma Digital RGB uses an RGB addressable LED system for the LEDs integrated into the front frame of the fan. The improvement brought by the addressable LEDs is the possibility of changing the color on each individual LED of the fan. This brought to the market numerous options for light and color patterns on RGB fans, with a smoother color transition overall.
The Prisma Digital RGB uses a uses a Hydro Bearing mechanism to spin the 9 plastic blades and the hub assembly. The Hydro Bearing, also known as a Fluid Dynamic Bearing is known for having a low noise when running.


The fan features 9(nine) plastic blades that have a solid white color and texture, the hub that houses the Hydro Bearing is made out of the same material. The blades have a simple look with no design elements meant to increase the performance of the fan. The main purpose of the solid white texture is to better reflect the color and light of the LEDs present on the frame of the fan.
In addition, on the hub there is applied a holographic sticker that will change its color depending on the position it’s being viewed from.


The back of the fan is simple, there are four square beams that hold the hub and blade assembly at the center. The wires of the fan are completely black and are routed on the back of one of the lower beams. The center label offers no technical information regarding the fan, here, only the manufacturer’s logo and slogan are present alongside some compliance tags.


The A-RGB LED integration in the case of the Prisma Digital RGB fan is simple in its design. The fan itself has no LEDs; however, it has a full frame attached to it at the front which has all the LED and power elements. This front LED frame is attached to the fan with the help of four standard fan screws.
The problem with this design is that it introduces more steps when installing the fan in any position or radiator. You need to first unscrew the frame from the fan, and then use the included long screws to attach the fan and the frame to the radiator or case.


The corners of the fan and LED frame are solid plastic with no padding or dampening elements installed. The front side is covered by the previously mentioned LED frame and has subtle design elements, such as the AZZA name logo engraved into the plastic.


The fan has two sets of connectors and cables; the first set consists of a single standard 4Pin Molex connector for the power. The second cable features two 3Pin RGB addressable connectors, one male and one female. The cables of the fan are not covered by sleeving, but are completely black.

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