Sabrent is a USA based consumer electronics and accessories manufacturer founded in 1998. The company is committed is to offer the latest technology and the highest quality consumer electronic products at an affordable cost to all users. The product range offered by Sabrent includes M.2 type memory and storage items, USB hubs, chargers, cables, camera accessories among other types of products.

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Packaging and accessories

The Sabrent Rocket V90 is packaged in a regular cardboard box, however, this SD card has the same packaging quality as the Sabrent M.2 SSDs. Inside the cardboard box, there is a second metal made box.

This metal case has a foam pad that holds the SD Card in place. The foam plus the metal casing will offer a good protection against impacts and punctures.


The backside of the box has the usual information: serial number and model number.



Series: V90
Model: SD-TL90-64GB
Capacity: 128GB
Color: Black
Dimensions (W x D x H): 32 x 23 x 2.0 mm
Card standard: SDXC
Transfer speeds:
– read: up to 280 MB/s
– write: up to 250 MB/s
Interface speed: UHS speed Class 3 (U3)
Speed Class: C10
Video Speed Class Standard: V90
Operating temperature: -25 to +85°C (recommended)
Storage temperature: -40 to +85°C (recommended)
Warranty: 1 Year without registration, 2 years with registration.

– Available capacities: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
– UHS-I U3 interface
– Up to 280/250MBps read/write.
– V90 Video Speed Class
– Cutting-edge BiCS5 112-layer 3D TLC flash.
– Ideal for 4K, 6K, and 8K video recording.
– Built-in, mechanical write-protect switch.


Visual inspection

The Sabrent Rocket V90 is the latest SD card offered by Sabrent, available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities. From a design standpoint, this SD card has the same Sabrent graphics which are used on the M.2 SSDs and other Sabrent products.

The label applied on the front part of the SD card has a brushed metal texture and is highly reflective. The information printed here includes the name of the SD card, it’s capacity, speed class and the advertised write and read speeds.



The following system was used to test the SD Card:
– Processor: Intel i9 9900K @ 5GHz
– Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming X
– RAM: Neo Forza Faye DDR4 64GB 3600MHz
– GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X
– SSD: Crucial P2 500GB
– Mass Storage: Neo Forza NFP075 2TB
– CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Master Liquid 240
– PSU: Seasonic Prime TX-1000 Platinum
– Case: be quiet! Silent Base 802 White


To test the SD Card, the following software was used:

– ATTO Disk Benchmark,
– CrystalDiskMark 8,
– Windows File Copy.

In order to obtain a precise result each test was performed three times.


CrystalDiskMark 8 – Read


CrystalDiskMark 8 – Write


ATTO Disk Benchmark Read


ATTO Disk Benchmark Write


File Copy Test


Windows File Copy


Final thoughts

The Sabrent Rocket V90 is a great SD card that is ideal for 4K recording as well as high speed data storage.

The performance of the SD card is good, with a consistent speed of 250 MB/s read and 230 MB/s write. The speed does not degrade if the SD card is close or above 70% of its capacity.
When we talk about the file copy speed, the Rocket V90 maintained a speed of 64.3 MB/s throughout the file copy procedure.

In terms of pricing, the 64GB being the smallest capacity model is the cheapest, at 70USD. However, he best models in terms of pricing and performance are the 64GB and 128GB models. In other words, the cheaper part of the Sabrent Rocket V90 series. The other two, with a capacity of 256GB and 512GB are good, however, given their high price, they better suited for the specialized user that needs the speed and the higher storage capacity.

If you are in need of a performance-oriented SD card, then I can’t recommend the Rocket V90 enough, in fact, since the initial testing, it has become my main SD card for 4K video footage and it has never failed on me.

In conclusion, the Sabrent Rocket V90 is a great SD card that can work with both 4K cameras and other storage devices. The performance is on point and close to the advertised speeds. In addition, filling the SD card with data did not affect its performance.

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