Noiseblocker eLoop B14-PS & eLoop B14-3


1. Introduction

Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH is a German company specialized in the development and manufacture of axial fans and cooling technology. With the introduction of the NoiseBlocker brand, Blacknoise was able to enter the IT market.
NoiseBlocker is a company specialized in cooling systems for the IT market, founded in 1998 it is headquartered in Hilden, Germany.



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2. Packaging and accessories

The eLoop B14-PS and B14-3 models are packaged in a white box with silver & black accents.
The name of the fan series is printed on the right side of the box, lower there are listed the features of the product. In the upper part of the packaging there are printed both the name & logo of the manufacturer next to the fan model and its dimension.







On the sides of the packaging we find listed the features of the fan.



On the back side of the box we have the in depth specifications of the product, below we have a QR code and some extra information about the product and the manufacturer. On the upper part there is a brief description of the fan in three different languages.








The product comes with the following accessories:
–    1x Short cable (20 cm)
–    1x Long cable (45 cm)
–    8x Rubber washers
–    4x Metal screws
–    4x Metal nuts


3. Specifications

eLoop B14-PS
Model: B14-PS
Dimensions (mm): 140x140x29mm
Weight: 202 g
Connector: 20 + 50cm 4Pin Molex
Bearing Type: NB-NanoSLI – position-invariant magnetic bearing
Starting Voltage: 5.0 V
Operating Voltage: 12.0 V
Operating Temperature: -10~ +60 C°
Speed (RPM): 300-1200 RPM
Air Flow (CFM): 83.5 CFM
Air Flow (m3/h): 142,59 m3/h
Air Pressure (mmH2O): 1,080
Loudness (100cm): <0,530 Sone N / 24 dBA
Lifetime: 140000 Hours

eLoop B14-3
Model: B14-3
Dimensions (mm): 140x140x29mm
Weight: 202 g
Connector: 20 + 50cm 3Pin Molex
Bearing Type: NB-NanoSLI – position-invariant magnetic bearing
Starting Voltage: 4.0 V
Operating Voltage: 12.0 V
Operating Temperature: -10~ +60 C°
Speed (RPM): 1400 RPM
Air Flow (CFM): 104 CFM
Air Flow (m3/h): 178,29 m3/h
Air Pressure (mmH2O): 1,570
Loudness (100cm): 1,100 Sone N / 28.7 dBA
Lifetime: 130000 Hours


– 100% developed in Germany
– TÜV-certified sound level specifications = real data
– Extremely low-noise bionic loop rotor
– Bionic deep sound fan frame
– Position-invariant magnetic bearing NB-NanoSLI® 2NEW!
– Silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
– Bayer® Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
– weighted reinforced fibreglass PBT frame
– NB cable management with two pluggable connection cables
– Perfect results for PC casing, CPU cooling systems and radiator (higher cooling power at same revolution ratel)


4. Visual inspection

The eLoop model well known due to the unique design of the 9 blades in the case of the 140mm variant, these are joined forming one stable ensemble. The blades are made out of white plastic and their texture makes them dust resistant.  Also the blade ensemble design eliminates vibrations & oscillations and the noise produced by them.

img_1236 img_1250 img_1285 img_1241


Embossed in the center of the blades we find the “Bionic Loop” symbol.



The back side of the fan uses 4 plastic beams to hold in place the blades & rotor of the fan. Just like the blades, these beams do not use a regular design. In the center there is a label which presents the logo of the manufacture and the model of the fan. Also at the back the blades use a wave design.

img_1240 img_1245 img_1284 img_1285


The corners of the fans are rubberized for a more effective attenuation of possible vibrations.

img_1256 img_1257


The B14-PS model uses a 4 Pin Molex connector with PWM function. The connector is located very close to the frame of the fan for a better wire management.
The B14-3 model is powered using a 3-Pin Molex connector.






5. Testing

The following system was used to test the fans:
–    Processor: Intel i5 6600K @ 4.5GHz
–    Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M7
–    RAM: Patriot Viper 8GB DDR4
–    GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 Armor 2X 4G
–    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
–    HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB
–    CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken x61
–    Thermal compound: Arctic MX-4
–    Display: AOC i2769VM
–    Case: Fractal Design Define R5
–    OS: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1

img_1458 img_1454


The fans have been tested using a 280mm CPU liquid cooler, the NZXT Kraken X61 at their maximum RPM.

CPU Temp. – 140mm fans



The noise level was measured at two RPMs and at three different distances from the fans (10cm, 20cm, 30cm.) the noise was measured with a margin of error of ± 5 db.



6. Final thoughts

Just like the 120mm models, the B14-PS and B14-3 stand out thanks to their performance. Both models are silent even at their maximum speed generating at the same time a good air flow.
The Bionic design of the blades help dampen the vibrations and gives the fan a unique look with a solid construction. The build quality and the materials used are very good starting from the blade’s materials up to the frame and the rotor used.
The accessory bundle is rich including a complex mounting system, optimized for vibration dampening.

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