Neo Forza Faye DDR4 64GB 4000MHz

Visual inspection

The Faye Black has the same design as the rest of the Faye series. The heatsink is medium-tall and thin, with only the thermal pads keeping it attached to the PCB. The design of this RAM kit is good, with an all-black heatsink and chromed inserts alongside the NeoForza logo.

The model number of the kit featured in this review is: NMUD432f82-4000FG20.


The heatsink is medium-tall, with a height of 42.5mm, measured between the contact pins of the PCB and the highest point of the heatsink.


The chrome elements present on both sides of the RAM module are actually separate parts of the heatsink. They have a highly reflective chrome texture and a linear brushed texture. This combination of textures creates a good contrast for the RAM kit.


The label of the RAM module is placed on the upper left part of the heatsink, and only on one side. While this label provides both the serial number and the technical specifications, it is large and will break the design of the heatsink.


The removal of the heatsink is done with ease, as only the thermal pads are keeping it attached. It is worth pointing that these thermal pads are made by 3M the same company responsible for a lot of high-quality thermal pads.


With the heatsink removed we can see that this RAM kit uses Hynix made memory chips and has a double side design. The chips used have the model number: H5AN8G8NR-VKC.

The usage of a double side design is nothing new, as high-capacity RAM modules can be expensive to manufacture if high-capacity memory chips are used on a single side of the PCB. This is why both sides of the RAM module are populated by memory chips, as smaller size chips are cheaper for production.

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