When testing this keyboard, I did not encounter anything out of the ordinary. The slim keycaps do need some adjusting time especially if you have never used such a keyboard but the adapting period is small, under half an hour so don’t worry about it.

In terms of ergonomics, the THOR 401 RGB is on the same level as many gaming keyboards, as it has a fairly standard layout and you get used to it immediately. If there are drawbacks here, it has to be the rather hard surface on the wrist rest which might become an issue for some users.


The RGB system is good as the keyboard uses transparent mechanical switches to highlight the RGB illumination. In addition to the transparent switches, the half size keycaps allow for even more light to be visible from the RGB LEDs.


The Num lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock status LEDs are illuminated by bright orange LEDs.


The software used with the THOR 401 RGB is simple in its design and interface. However, simple does not mean bad, and this software is good enough for its purpose: setting up the keyboard. You can change the RGB LED pattern, light brightness, speed of the pattern and so on.

In addition to LED control, you can use this software to change the functionality of each key with the macro editor.


Final thoughts

The Genesis THOR 401 RGB is a good keyboard that has some interesting and useful features while it lacks some. For starters the dial on the upper right corner is useful as you can not only control the system volume but also the RGB LEDs.

The round buttons for the media keys are a welcomed feature as they are different in shape and thus easy to identify in the dark. However, a good thing to see, is that even with these media buttons present, the status LEDs have their own place right next to the arrow keys, a thing which not many keyboards do successfully.

The build quality of this keyboard is good, with a metal top casing and half size keycaps. The overall feel of the keyboard is good, with a solid base even though the feet at the rear are made from plastic and not rubber.

The RGB illumination is simple, with basic patterns and light modes. The control method of the illumination is different though. As you can either use the software or the dial at the top of the keyboard.

The THOR 401 RGB has a few drawbacks though, first of all, the cable is not removable and a lot of keyboards that are at or over 80 USD/EUR are using USB Type-C cables. Second, there is no cable routing channel on the back of the keyboard, and it is useful especially on small desks.

In conclusion, the Genesis THOR 401 RGB is a good gaming keyboard that has a unique design and interesting features. The build quality is good thanks to an aluminum top casing and solid plastic underneath. The performance of this keyboard is also good, with a good tactile feedback thanks to the Kailh Brown switches.


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