Akasa Soho AR 120

Visual inspection

The Akasa Soho AR 120 has a simple design with an all-black frame and impellers. This fan is available in two colors and two sizes, black and white, 120mm & 140mm.
The fan uses nine impellers, which have a curved design with a small gap between them. This blade design has been used before and it’s proved to be efficient in generating a good static pressure.

Other design elements of the Soho AR 120 include two addressable RGB rings, one on the front and the other on the back of the frame.
The fan featured in this review is the all black 120mm variant, with the standard dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm.


The RGB LEDs used on the Soho AR 120 are integrated inside two large frosted rings. One ring is installed on the back of the fan while the other is at the front, both surrounding the impellers.
Thanks to the usage of addressable RGB LEDs, the colors are vivid and bright with a good transition between shades.


The impellers of the Soho AR 120 have a curved design with two notches applied on the outer edge. These are used to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the fan and reduce the wind turbulence. The impellers are close to each other, this not only will reduce the static pressure and airflow leakage but increase the fan performance in close spaces or on radiators.


The gap between the edge of the impellers and the inner side of the fan frame is average at best, which is not great for a static pressure fan. However, using a smaller gap means that the fan has to use different more expensive materials, and have more development into it. Usually this results in a higher overall cost of production and price for the end user.


The Soho AR 120 uses a Hydro Dynamic Bearing system, with an estimated life span of 40,000 hours. This system is similar with the fluid dynamic bearing systems, although some variations exist between different “similar” bearings.


The corners of the fan frame are covered by thick rubber pads which also have a linear pattern texture on them. These pads not only look good but will prevent the fan from scratching the surface it touches as well as dampening the vibration of the impellers.


The back of the Soho AR 120 is simple in design, with only four beams holding the rotor and impeller assembly. The label placed on the back of the fan has the Akasa logo alongside the basic specifications of the fan. This includes the voltage for the fan and integrated LEDs as well as the model number of the fan.


The cable of the Soho AR 120 has no sleeving to protect the wires, instead the wires are all black. While leaving the wires exposed is not ideal, it will make the cable management easier as the wires are thinner than sleeving. The two connectors of the fan are: 4-Pin for power and 3-Pin for the Addressable RGB LEDs.

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