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The Akasa Alucia H4 Plus is the sibling of the Soho H4 Plus, both coolers sharing the same heatsink and fan. However, the Alucia H4 Plus has no RGB LEDs or any LEDs for that matter. Instead, this CPU cooler uses a black with dark blue color combination and a simple design.

The heatsink is painted with a semi-glossy black paint. This includes the heatpipes, top plate and all the cooling fins. Unfortunately, thanks to the semi-glossy texture, you can easily get fingerprints on the surface of the heatsink.

Fortunately, the shape and design of this heatsink allows the Alucia H4 Plus to use two 120mm fans in a push pull configuration. By default, the cooler comes with only a single 120mm fan installed on the front.

The Akasa Alucia H4 Plus has a height of 148mm, a width of 120mm and a depth of 92mm.


The CPU cooler uses a single tower heatsink and no less than 45 aluminum made cooling fins. These fins are shaped to not only allow for a good mounting point for the fan clips but also to reduce noise and wind turbulences.


The heatpipes have an offset design which moves the heatsink and the fan away from the RAM modules. This is a simple and effective solution in creating a good clearance for the RAM slots.


The heatsink has four copper heatpipes which are painted all black. The outer diameter of each of the heatpipes is the standard 6mm. These are arranged in the traditional U shape for a better heat transfer and contact with the cooling fins.


The baseplate used on the Alucia H4 Plus has a direct touch design. This means that the heatpipes are integrated into the surface of the baseplate. While an effective design, a solid copper made baseplate is considered as the better solution because it has a smoother surface.


The endings of the heatpipes are exposed and unfortunately, they are not symmetrical at all. This is the disadvantage of having no protective covers over a heatsink and a low price which makes machining the heatpipes unavailable during the manufacturing.


The Alucia H4 Plus has a single 120mm fan for its active cooling. The fan is called Alucia XS12 and has the model number: DFS122512L. This fan has the same model number as the fan used on the Akasa Soho H4.

The Alucia XS12 fan uses a Hydro Dynamic Bearing and has an estimated life span of 40,000 hours.

In terms of the speed, the fan has a minimum speed of 500RPM and a maximum speed of 2000RPM. While you can control the speed via PWM and your motherboard, you cannot stop the fan.

The cable used here is not protected by sleeving, but fortunately, the wires are all black and will blend with the rest of the system.

The corners of the fan frame are equipped with rubber pads that will dampen the vibration. In addition, these will protect the heatsink from scratches and create a good base for the fan.

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