MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super Gaming X

Visual inspection

The RTX 2060 Super Gaming X follows the same design as the rest of the MSI RTX models. With a black and dark gray color combination for the fan shroud and a light gunmetal grey for the backplate. The fan shroud integrates numerous elements into its design, the lower surface features an arrow pattern. The fans are surrounded by irregular shapes that are angled towards the back of the graphics card.

The overall dimensions of the graphics card are: 248mm in length, 128mm in height with a thickness of 52mm.


The active cooling is done by two fans that are custom made for MSI, the actual part number on the back of these fans is PLD09210S12HH. The fans also use two types of blade shapes to achieve a better airflow.


The heatsink base plate is made from nickel-plated copper and makes direct contact with the graphic core only. The heat dissipation is done by four nickel-plated copper heatpipes that are shaped to make contact with as many aluminum fins as possible. This increases the overall heat dissipation surface area.


The backplate used on this model has a simple design with five angular cutouts in various locations. The surface of the backplate is brushed at an angle and the gunmetal grey paint helps with the showcasing of this texture. The MSI dragon logo and name are applied on the right side of the backplate, adding to the overall design.


The Power is delivered through a single 8-Pin power connector, as is the standard, this connector is placed on the right corner of the graphics card.


On the rear of the graphic card we find the following ports:
– 3x Display Port 1.4;
– 1x HDMI 2.0.


The side of the graphics card is where the RGB elements are installed. Towards the back of the graphics card there is a large plastic rectangle which will highlight the MSI name and dragon logo. The secondary RGB elements are located on the side of the fan shroud, under a plastic cover, these are synchronized with the rest of the graphics card.


The heatsink and fan assembly are attached to the PCB of the graphics card with only four screws. This makes the RTX 2060 Super Gaming X very easy to clean and maintain.


The heatsink makes contact with the GPU chip with a layer of thermal compound and a nickel-plated copper baseplate. The memory chips are cooled by a metallic plate that is attached to the backplate, through the PCb. Finally, the power delivery system uses thermal pads for cooling, however the contact between the heatsink and these components is done through the aluminum fins and not the nickel-plated copper baseplate.


The six-phase power delivery system used on this graphics card features an OnSemi made controller with the model number NCP81610.


With all the RGB elements present on the graphics card, a dedicated controller was required to handle all the effects and light intensity. This particular controller is an iTE 8295FN-56A.


The GDDR6 memory chips used on the graphics card are made by Micron with the short model number: D9WCW, while the full model number is MT61K256M32JE-14:A.

Controlling the memory VRM is a uP1666Q controller manufactured by UPI semi-conductor

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