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K&F Concept was founded in 2011 and strives to offer a good balance between quality and price. The company specializes in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. At the present time, the company is selling products in multiple countries, as an official retailer and also through Amazon.

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Series: Backpack
Model: KF13.066
Color: Blue with Gold accents
Exterior Dimensions: 26x17x44cm
Weight: 960g
Materials: Polyester, Plastic, Metal
Load Capacity:N/A
Maximum Volume: 20L
Camera Compartment: 1x
Lens Compartment: 3x
Laptop Compartment Screen Size: 14 inch
Rain Cover: Yes


– Fashion DSLR Camera Backpack
– Side Open
– Back Opening
– S-shaped shoulder strap
– High capacity
– Rain cover


Visual inspection

The KF13.066 Backpack has a unique design that is closer to a fashion item than a functional photography backpack. The highlight in terms of the design is the denim texture that is present on all sides of the backpack. In addition, the denim color and fabric is matched by light brown leather straps with golden metal buckles.


The top part of the backpack has its cover held in place by magnetic buttons, not the straps themselves. Opening the cover reveals the main general storage space, which can not only accommodate a 14” notebook on the side, but also other general items. In addition, one side of this container has two slim pockets which are ideal for lens filters.


The waterproof cover included with the backpack is stored in a hidden pocket, which is found inside the top part of the backpack. This cover is your standard water-resistant cover that is often found on camera gear backpacks.


The highlight of this backpack in terms of features is the access point for the main camera container. While other camera backpacks have their access points at the front, this backpack has it at the back. This means that while using this backpack, the camera and lens container opening is covered by your back, and not exposed.


The lower front part of the backpack features an additional pocket, which is also covered by an additional layer of denim material. Here, there are two small pockets alongside a wide thin space available at the front.



The main storage compartment can be accessed front two parts. The main opening is at the back of the backpack, while the secondary opening is on the side. This is the main camera and lens compartment. Here, there are several modular dividers that can be removed and rearranged to better suit the shape of the camera and the lenses.


The side opening for the main compartment also features two small pockets which are enclosed. These pockets are the same size as the rest and can easily accommodate lens filters and caps.


The side of the backpack features no pockets or additional storage compartments. However, on this side, there are two adjustable straps which are meant to hold a tripod on the side of the backpack. It is a basic system that works and will hold a decently sized tripod with ease.


Unfortunately, the underside of the backpack is not protected by anything. Usually, this side should be covered by either a rubber cover or at least some rubber feet. A cover should be used to protect the denim fabric from dirt and wet surfaces.

Final thoughts

The K&F Concept KF13.066 Backpack is a good choice for both casual and professional users. Its main advantage is the different design which not only will be a better match for different outfits, but it will not draw attention. The KF13.066 can be acquired for around 63USD or EUR, depending on the availability.

The build quality is very good, all seams are done well and use a thick string. The denim fabric has no blemishes and is resilient to light and medium scratches. The leather straps and metal buckle are also quite good; however, their usage is more on the aesthetic side.

The main advantage of this backpack is the way the main container can be accessed. While many other camera backpacks have only one opening, usually at the front, the KF13.066 has two openings, one at the back and one on the side. This means that the chances of intrusion into the gear container is reduced. In addition, the dividers in the camera space are held in place by Velcro, thus they can be moved to better suit the camera shape.

The backpack can also accommodate a notebook, with a screen size of up to 14”. This can be done while also leaving a decent amount of space for other items, such as clothing or extra gear for the camera.

The KF13.066 also features plenty of smaller pockets which are sized to fit both lens filters and caps, and also SD cards or SSDs. The backpack has around 8 of these small pockets, some using a Velcro cover, while others being a simple mesh side pocket.

In terms of the ergonomics, the KF13.066 is very comfortable, thanks to the wide straps which are also adjustable. In addition, the back side of the backpack is covered by a soft and thick mesh that not only allows for more breathing room but also will dampen the pressure of the weight.

In conclusion, the K&F Concept KF13.066 is a great backpack, not only can it handle a tripod but also has plenty of room for multiple lenses and a full frame camera. In addition, the build quality is very good, from the stitching and string used, to the materials. The only issue present is that the bottom part of the backpack has no rubber feet or pads in place. This can be an issue if you want to keep the backpack clean.


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