K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit


The sound quality of the microphone is good. The voice is recorded with clarity and minimal background noise, thanks to the microphone’s Cardioid record pattern. However, while the voice is clear, it also lacks the depth and bass that is often found on many microphones.

The Cardioid pattern means that the speaker needs to face the front of the microphone, to achieve the best sound quality.

You can hear a sound sample of the microphone in the video below:

The tripod has telescopic legs; thus, its height can be increased. The release mechanism for the legs is simple, as you only need to pull the legs outside to increase the height.

The microphone mount attaches to the top side of the smartphone holder. This mount is basic, and will have to be screwed onto the smartphone holder to provide a good grip.

Final thoughts


The K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit is a good product, that offers all a beginner will need at the start. The microphone offers a good sound quality with little background noise; however, the lack of bass can be an issue for some. The included tripod is sturdy and its height can be increased, in addition it can be used with any cameras & even DSLRs.

The included smartphone mount is well-build and has a spring-loaded mechanism to offer a good grip on the smartphone. Also, this smartphone holder is able to tilt a few degrees, thus offering more angle options for filming.

The usability of each of the included accessories is good, especially if you want to start filming with a smartphone. Using a camera, especially a bigger DSLR can pose issues for the tripod if the weight is not properly balanced. The C mount for the microphone is made from solid plastic and will have a firm grip on the microphone, fortunately, it is also compatible with the standard top mount found on a DSLR.

In conclusion, the K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit offers a good selection of products for beginners. The microphone sound quality is good, especially for this price range. The other accessories are useful and can be successfully used with other devices, such as action cameras or DSLRs.

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