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Founded in 2003, Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc. is a company which manufactures and sells flash memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, solid state drives, DRAM modules and industrial-grade products. The company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has offices around the world.

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Packaging and accessories

The US70 1TB is packaged in a cardboard box. The front side features a clear plastic window which showcases the SSD. In addition, the complete product name of the SSD is printed on the upper left side while the storage capacity and warranty are on the lower side.


The back side of the box offers additional information about the product and the manufacturer.


The SSD has decent protection inside the packaging. While the cardboard of the packaging is thin, the SSD itself is placed inside a clamshell tray.



Series: US70
Model: SP01KGBP44US7005
Capacity: 1TB
Form Factor: M.2 Type 2280
Interface: NVMe/ PCIe Gen 4×4
Controller: Phison PS5016-E16
Flash Chips: Toshiba/KIOXIA 96L TLC
DRAM: 4x SKhynix 512MB DDR4 2400 RAM
Sequential Read: 5,000 MB/s
Sequential Write: 4,200 MB/s
Max. 4k random file read:750,000 IOPS
Max. 4k random file write: 750,000 IOPS
SLC Write Cache: Dynamic
Endurance (TBW): 1800 TBW
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
Operating Voltage: 3.5W (Max)
Dimensions: 22mm x 80mm
Warranty: 5 years


– PCIe Gen 4×4 interface with read speeds up to 5,000MB/s and write speeds up to 4,400MB/s
– NVMe 1.3 support allows for higher performance, lower latency, and lower power consumption
– Features wear leveling to equalize the wear of each NAND flash block, ensuring longer reliability and stability of the SSD
– Built-in bad block management (BBM) mechanism detects and marks bad blocks in the NAND flash to avoid storage in those blocks and eliminate access errors
– Includes over-provision (OP), which increases the SSD’s reserved space to improve performance and durability as well as to reduce NAND flash wear, therefore extending the lifespan of hard drives
– Supports SLC Caching and DRAM Cache Buffer to improve sequential read/write and random read/write performance
– Built-in E2E data protection for enhanced data transfer integrity
– Engineered with low density parity check (LDPC) coding to ensure accuracy of data transmission and reliability of data access
– Supports TRIM commands, enabling the SSD to efficiently manage reusable space as well as significantly reduce hard drive wear out
– Small form factor M.2 2280 (80mm) allows for easy installation in laptops, small form factor PC systems, and some ultrabooks

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