Neo Forza MDK5 DDR5 96GB 6000MHz


Visual inspection

The MDK5 is a new DDR5 RAM kit offered by the Gold Key corp. and their retail brand NeoForza. This RAM kit has a simple design with no RGB LEDs to not only save on the consumer costs but simplify the PCB design.

The heatsink used on the MDK5 has an all-black design with white graphics and accents. There are no plastic components used on these RAM modules, only aluminum and the PCB itself.
As for the form factor, the MDK5 will be compatible with most air CPU cooler on the market as the heatsink has a low profile design.


The heatsink has a height of 40mm, measured from the contact pints to the upper edge. This makes the MDK5 easy to use with even large air CPU coolers.


The white graphics applied on the black heatsink have a purpose. These are highlighting the texture and shape of the metal. In addition, these white accents and graphics add more depth to the overall look of the RAM kit.


The label present on the MDK5 has a standard form factor and is all white. Despite its size, this label does not disrupt the design of the heatsink. The information printed here is: bar code, model number, frequency, timings and QR Code.


As is the case these days, the heatsinks are attached to the memory modules with the help of thick self-adhesive thermal pads. Because the MDK5 has a dual side PCB design, both sides of the heatsink use large thermal pads to cover the entire memory chip surface and the PMIC.


Once the heatsinks are removed we have easy access to the PCB of the MDK5. At the moment, Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix are the only manufacturers of DDR5 memory chips and in the case of the MDK5 we have SK Hynix memory chips.

The chips used have the model number: H5CGD8?EBDX021.

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