K&F Concept Lens Adapters KF06.312, KF06.140, KF06.335


K&F Concept was founded in 2011 and strives to offer a good balance between quality and price. The company specializes in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. At the present time, the company is selling products in multiple countries, as an official retailer and through Amazon.


Price and availability:



Packaging and accessories

The lens adapters have a good packaging, a simple box made from solid plastic. These boxes are solid and sturdy and the lid is firmly held closed by a clip. The graphics on this packaging is simple, you have just two labels present on the side and top of the box.



Series: Lens adapter
Model: KF06.312, KF06.140, KF06.335
Color: Black & Silver
Materials: Aluminum & Brass
Mounting system: Varies based on camera mount & lens mount


– Made of brass and aluminum.
– Precise and durable construction.
– Manually operated.
– Infinity focus allowed.
– 12 months quality guarantee


Visual inspection

The KF06.312, KF06.140 & KF06.335 lens adapters are made from solid metal and brass. The various metals are used to not only protect the camera body but also the lens you use on them. The usage of a softer metal such as brass is ideal for preventing damage to the camera body, as some cheaper adapters made from solid aluminum have a tendency to scratch the contact plate.

The adapters we have in this review are made to allow the usage of Minolta (KF06.140), Exakta (KF06.335) and Pentax (KF06.312) lenses on Micro Four Thirds (MFT or M4/3) cameras.

These adapters are not part of the new series but they share a lot of components and the general design. What set these adapters apart from other models especially from other manufacturers is the usage of high-quality materials and the tight tolerances.


The Minolta (KF06.140) is made to accept all Minolta lenses both manual and electronic and fit them to any Micro Four Thirds (MFT or M4/3) camera.
In terms of the functionality, this adapter has the regular Minolta mount system and the clicking retaining system as well. To unlock the lens from the adapter you need to pus the chromed pin all the way and it will release.


The Pentax (KF06.312) adapter is more complex than the Minolta model, as this one uses not only a retention system but a rotating system as well. The rotating system is used in the same way a Canon FD adapter will use. These rotating systems are often used to engage the aperture pins on the lenses.


To disengage this adapter form the lens, just like the Minolta adapter, it has a button that must be pressed otherwise the lens is locked in place. This type of retention system is great to see as it offers a secure mount of the lens which is important especially with heavy lenses.


The Exakta (KF06.335) adapter is one of the best models available from K&F as the Exakta mount is not easy to replicate. The main reason why a lot of manufacturers fail to make a good Exakta adapter is the retention lever which must be high quality. Not only that, but if the tolerances are not small enough, this locking lever will slip and allow the lens to fail.

In the case of the KF06.335, things are looking great. As this adapter is well made, has small tolerances and because it’s made from actual metal and not tinfoil, it’s solid and holds the lens in place.




The adapters are similar in construction with the rest of the K&F Concept adapters. They are really well made, with a solid build and tight tolerances. Not only is this important to hold the lens attached to the adapter but any gaps between the two will allow light to enter into the camera sensor.


The installation of these adapters is done with ease as they follow the same procedure for the mount they are using. The important thing to note is that each mount has a different installation system, and thus, you cannot use the Pentax adapters the same way you will use the Exakta. Usually, when you are dealing with a retention system, like Pentax, Canon FD, Exakta etc, you need to hear a clicking sound to know that the lens is secured.


Final thoughts

The K&F Concept Lens Adapters KF06.312, KF06.140, KF06.335 are a great purchase when looking at the competing products. First of all, the adapters made by K&F Concept are not only well made but have better tolerances than most manufacturers. This means that you can be sure that you have infinity focus, no light leaks and a secure mount on both the camera and lens.
The Minolta (KF06.140), Exakta (KF06.335) and Pentax (KF06.312) adapters are all well made and follow the same design language. All three are made from aluminum and brass alloy and all three have the chrome and black color combination.

The main reason you will pay more for the K&F Concept adapters is the build quality and more importantly, the tolerances. For many lenses, if an adapter is not made up to specifications, you might not hit infinity focus. No such issues with the K&F Concept adapters as these are measured properly and done well from the factory.

In conclusion, the K&F Concept KF06.312, KF06.140, KF06.335 are a trio of well-made adapters that will deliver on their promise. All three have a solid mounting system and well-made retention systems inside. On average these adapters are more expensive than other models from competing manufacturers but you do get more for your money in the end with the K&F Concept adapter.

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