K&F Concept Lens Adapters KF06.076, KF06.091, KF06.082, KF06.442


K&F Concept was founded in 2011 and strives to offer a good balance between quality and price. The company specializes in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. At the present time, the company is selling products in multiple countries, as an official retailer and through Amazon.

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Packaging and accessories

The Lens Adapters are all packaged in high quality plastic boxes. These containers have a cap that is held closed by a simple clip mechanism on the front edge. In terms of the design, there isn’t much to see. The cap of the containers has a generic diagram of a lens adapter and a camera body. The actual model of the adapter is listed on a separate label on the sides.



Series: Lens adapter
Model: KF06.076, KF06.091, KF06.082, KF06.442
Color: Black & Silver
Materials: Aluminum & Brass
Mounting system: Varies based on camera mount & lens mount


– Made of brass and aluminum.
– Precise and durable construction.
– Manually operated.
– Infinity focus allowed.
– 12 months quality guarantee


Visual inspection

The Lens adapters featured in this review are: KF06.076, KF06.091, KF06.082, KF06.442. All of them share the design, which is black body with silver accents. The only adapter that has a different accent color is the KF06.442, because this is the newer Pro model. This one sport a black and orange color combination alongside a better shape than the previous model.


The KF06.076 allows you to install M42 Lenses to the M43 MFT Mount. The mounting systems used on this adapter are on one side the M43 MFT and on the other side the standard M42 screw lens mount.


The KF06.091 allows you to install Canon FD FL Lenses to the M43 MFT Mount. The mounting systems used on this adapter are on one side the M43 MFT while the other side is the Canon FD lens mount. This adapter uses a rotating locking mechanism to push the pin of the lens and enable aperture adjustment.


The KF06.082 allows you to install Canon FD FL Lenses to the Canon EOS mount. This adapter is almost identical with the KF06.091, however the body mounting is the Canon EOS mount. This adapter also uses a rotating locking mechanism for the FD lenses; however, it also has a lens in the middle. This is a multi-coated focusing correction lens that will deliver a crystal-clear image using FD lenses.


The KF06.442 is part of the new Pro series of K&F Adapters. This adapter allows you to install Canon EOS lenses on the M43 MFT Mount. The KF06.442 uses a latch locking mechanism to secure the Canon EF lens in place. Unfortunately, just like all adapters featured in this review, the KF06.442 has no contact pins thus, using autofocus is not available. What this means is simple, you can use Canon EF lenses but only those that have dedicated rings for focusing and adjusting the aperture. Otherwise, you are stuck with a locked aperture or focus or both.



The installation of the adapters is as easy as installing any lens on your camera body. It all depends on what camera body you have and the lens used. There are no special steps required unless you use an adapter that as a rotative locking mechanism but even those are easy to figure out.


The photo quality using these adapters is very good, as seen below. All photos are not edited excepting the crop to fit the rest of the review.

KF06.076 + Helios 44-4 lens + Panasonic G7


KF06.091 + Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 lens + Panasonic G7


KF06.082 + Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 lens + Canon EOS 100D


KF06.442 + EF-S 18-55 mm f/3,5 lens + Panasonic G7


Final thoughts

The K&F Concept Lens adapters, KF06.076, KF06.091, KF06.082 and KF06.442. Provide a solid build and deliver on their promise, which is to allow you to use different lenses on the same camera body.

The build quality of these adapters is very good, with no issues in terms of fitment or the used paint on their surface.

The installation of each lens adapter will vary based on your camera mount and the lens used. Ideally, each adapter will mimic the original camera body mount and the lens mount to allows for a perfect fit o the lens onto the adapter. This ensures that no play in the assembly is present and infinity focus is possible with all lenses.

The performance of these filters is great, the UV and CPL filters are the best items in this kit, as they will get used a lot for street and car photography.

In conclusion, the K&F Concept lens adapters are a great product that allow you to use any lenses either new or old with your new camera body. There are some limitations based on the lenses you use. For example, many modern lenses do not have an aperture adjustment ring, as the aperture is adjusted electronically. This means that any of these adapters will not allow you to adjust the aperture on said lenses. The only adapters that allow for such an electronic conversion are so expensive that it’s worth just investing into a new lens.

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