The tripod is easy to use as its not only light but sturdy as well. One of the added features in terms of functionality with this tripod is the inverted layout. In simple terms, the hook installed on the lower part of the main beam can be removed which allows the beam itself to be removed as well. Afterwards, you can easily install the beam upside down and have the camera and tripod head closer to the ground.


One of the legs on this tripod can be converted into a monopod. You simply unscrew the leg from the body of the tripod and that’s it.


The tripod can be extended height wise to a maximum of 1725mm or 61.9″. At maximum height, using large and heavy lenses is not a good idea, because the tripod will not be stable. This is the case because the center of gravity is up and the legs are at their thinnest and thus, flexible.


Final thoughts

The K&F CONCEPT BH-30 Tripod is a well-made tripod that is good for both indoor and outdoor photography. This is thanks mainly to its reduced size when folded and extensive adjustment options for both the legs and the center column.

The build quality is great, with good materials across the entire tripod body and legs. When we talk about the materials used, we are looking at aluminum, carbon fiber and rubber. The plastic is kept to a minimum.

The included tripod head is good, with an all-metal construction and a solid feel. The adjustments are done using rotating knobs and standard clips. The camera plate is not using a quick release system but has a solid vice clamp style instead.

The tripod legs are made from carbon fiber which is left exposed to aid with the design of the tripod. The carbon fiber has been sanded and lacquer added to create a smooth surface that is easy to work with.

In terms of the ergonomics, this tripod is easy to use as all knobs, clamps and moving objects have a smooth motion. In addition, the tripod is lightweight and easy to carry especially when it’s in its default folded configuration.

In conclusion, the K&F CONCEPT is a good travel tripod that is not only lightweight but sturdy. It can be folded and thus, take less space in your bag. When we talk about using this tripod, the X-Series BH-30 is good, with a simple construction and ample adjustability options. This is in addition to plenty of options for adding accessories and customizing the main body to suit your needs.

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