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The X-Series BH-30 or by its model name: KF09.116. Is a light weight travel tripod that is made from carbon fiber and aluminum. A tripod that is designed for both video and photo usage as well as macro photography.

The design of this tripod is simple as its uses only carbon fiber and aluminum as its materials. The carbon fiber is left unpainted to highlight its woven structure while the metal parts are either painted in a matte black finish or silver.


The head included with this tripod is part of a new tripod head series, and this model is called BH-30. This is a ball head that is made entirely out of metal and uses a 30mm ball to offer a 360-degree movement on all axis.

In addition to a solid metal build, this tripod head has a panoramic grid on its lower part. This is used to help with panoramic photography.


The mounting system for the top plate is a simple vice style system. You open and close it by rotating the wheel on the side.

The mounting plate of this tripod head is made from solid metal and has a thick rubber pad on the top. This design is standard for a tripod top plate, but its build quality is good.


The center column is height adjustable and uses a single center nut to regulate the adjustment pressure. In simple terms, you tighten the nut to keep the column in its place or loosen it to allow the movement of the column.


On the bottom of the center column there is a small metal made hook. This is used for two things: have a dedicated weight to pull and hold the tripod on the ground and thus, have more stability or hang your backpack or camera bag safely on the tripod.

While this hook is made from solid metal and is great in terms of build quality, it has no spring attached to it which might have been useful with dampening the weight.


The main body of the tripod is made from solid metal, and each leg is attached using heavy metal Hex screws. The adjustment for the legs is done with the help of a spring-loaded clip that needs to be pulled to allow for movement of the leg.


Extending the legs is done with ease as they use a nut locking mechanism. You simply tighten or loosen the center nuts to release the different sections of the legs. Each leg has four sections that can extend.


The base of each leg is using a thick round rubber pad. These pads can be removed and replaced with metal spikes or different rubber pads, depending on the application.

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