Iceberg Thermal Ice Floe Oasis 360


Visual inspection

The Ice Floe Oasis 360 has a good design that is focused on functionality yet at the same time follows the Iceberg Thermal aesthetic. This includes an all-black casing on the CPU water block and an angular design of the casing. These are all features often found on other Iceberg Thermal CPU coolers.

As the name suggest, the Ice Floe Oasis 360 is using a 360mm radiator to dissipate the heat of the CPU. The active cooling is done with the help of three 120mm fans that are PWM compatible and sport addressable RGB LEDs.


The CPU water block used with the Ice Floe Oasis 360 has a plastic casing with an angular design and addressable RGB LEDs on the back of the Iceberg Thermal emblem. One of the features of this water block is the rotative front plate that allows you to adjust the position of the Iceberg Thermal emblem.

From a form factor standpoint, the water block is small and will not interfere with the motherboard heatsinks or the RAM kit you use.


The Pump is powered from a single 4-Pin connector for power and has included an adapter to power the pump directly from the power supply. While the pump has a variable speed, it is so quiet that you might as well just power it from the power supply directly. The advantage of powering the pump from the power supply and thus running at maximum speed is that it increases its life span. Spinning up and down the pump tends to wear down the mechanism quicker.

The additional wire coming from the CPU water block is nothing more than a 3-pin addressable RGB wire. And this one can be connected in any addressable RGB header or controller.


The fittings used on the CPU water block side are made from plastic and are angled at 90°. In addition to the angle, the fittings can swivel to change the position and route of the tubing for an easier fitting of the CPU cooler.


The coldplate used on this CPU waterblock is made from solid copper and has a smooth surface. The copper plate is attached to the pump assembly with no less than 8 Torx head screws.


The radiator used with the Ice Floe Oasis 360 is a standard 360mm radiator, made from aluminum and painted all black. The dimensions for the radiator are: 397 x 27 x 120 mm.
This radiator while looking standard, has a good feature to it mainly an air bleeding port, installed on the side next to the fittings.

This bleeding port is used to add more liquid and bleed the air from the system, however, it has a “warranty void if removed” label on it and thus, you should not mess with it.


The radiator has two fittings for the tubes and unfortunately these fittings are locked in place. This is usually not a big deal because the tubes are already moving on the CPU waterblock side and thus, no need to have them swivel on the radiator.


The Ice Floe Oasis 360 uses no less than three 120mm fans, which are part of the IceGALE series. These fans are the IceGALE Lightning ARGB, and have the standard dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm.

For features, these fans are optimized for static pressure and thus are ideal for radiator usage. In addition, the fan frame has rubber pads to dampen vibration and prevent scratches on the radiator.

To power each fan, a 4 Pin PWM connector is used while the ARGB LEDs are powered and controlled through a daisy chained system that uses the standard 3 Pin ARGB.


The RGB integration of this CPU cooler is done with some common decency. The water block only has RGB LEDs on the top part and those can be turned off. Apart from that, the LEDs are integrated into the fan impellers and can be daisy chained together for less cable clutter.

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