The software used with the Xenon 800 looks similar with other Genesis software and in fact, a lot of aftermarket mouse software we see today.

The first page has a simple macro and setting button for all the buttons and switches of the mouse. Here you can quickly change what each button does with basic functions.


The second page deals with the DPI values of each preinstalled profile, here you can set what profile has what value and does what.


The third page has all the LED controls, this includes the LED patterns and effects as well as the colors and intensity.


The fourth page deals with more in-depth settings of the optical sensor. On the advanced page, you can adjust the LOD (lift off distance), the scrolling speed and the mouse sensitivity.


The fifth and final page is the macro editor that lets you set what each button does. This includes functions, basic key strokes and app launches.


The performance testing of each mouse is done using the Mouse Tester software and a basic MS Paint draw test. Additional testing is done by using the reviewed mouse as the daily mouse, for more than a few weeks. The last part of the test is focusing on the gaming performance of the mouse, using the following games:

– Cyberpunk 2077
– Grand Theft Auto V
– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– Metro Exodus
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Mouse Tester software is used to test the performance of the sensor in different situations. Using the Velocity test, we can see the tracking performance of the sensor based on the speed the mouse moves on a surface, the lower the spread the better the tracking is.


The MS paint test is done at different DPI settings; this will indicate any issues with the tracking of the sensor. As you can see, everything works as expected within those DPI values.


Final thoughts

The Genesis Xenon 800 is a good-looking mouse that delivers on what its advertised. The shape of this mouse is good and offers a comfortable feel for most people, unless you are left-handed of course. In addition, the honeycomb pattern that is cutout on all sides of the casing will not affect your grip or make the mouse less comfortable.

The performance of the mouse is good across the board, and multiple types of mouse mats for that matter. There is really nothing to complain about here, especially for a mouse at this price point. There is little lag to be seen with the optical sensor and no jitter or angle snapping.

The mechanical switches used on this model are great, especially the Omron D2FC-F-7N switches for the main clicks. In addition, the left buttons are using Huano switches and thus, you get good tactile feedback on the entire mouse.

The cable of the Xenon 800 is good and long enough to reach your PC. The flexible sleeving is nice and will protect the wires without creating unnecessary drag on the mouse mat.

The included weight system is good and simple as it is in essence, just a rubber tray with some metal weights inside. However, I get the feeling that it will rarely if ever be used as most people nowadays want a lightweight mouse with no complications added to it.

In conclusion, the Genesis Xenon 800 is a good lightweight mouse that delivers a good performance out of the box. The included weight adjustment system is good and useful for those that want such a feature on a mouse. The shape of the mouse while not ideal for left-handed users, will be good enough for everyone. If there’s something to complain about is the lack of availability outside of Europe.

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