Internal Analysis

The disassembly process of the Xenon 800 is simple as the entire upper casing is attached in place with just two screws. To access these screws, you need to remove the rear Teflon skates. With those removed, the upper casing will be released from the bottom plate.


The microcontroller used here is a WTU301 model, with the model number: WTU301 N36C-C 1917-C S2SF9. This MCU has been seen in a lot of gaming mice, expensive and cheap, and it has proven to be reliable.


The click buttons use Omron D2FC-F-7N switches, which are rated for 20 million clicks. These switches are regarded as one of the best mechanical switches, as they are reliable and offer great tactile feedback.


The middle click or the scroll wheel click is using a Huano made mechanical switch. In this case, it’s a Huano Black Shell with Yellow Plunger. This type of switch is often reserved for side buttons but has been used with middle clicks as well. It has good tactile feedback and makes the typical clicking noise as well.


The side buttons use Huano Black Shell with Yellow Plunger mechanical switches. These are good and will offer good tactile feedback even when installed on the side of the mouse casing.


The encoder for the scroll wheel is made by F-Switch and has a brown casing with brown core.

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