Internal Analysis

The disassembly process in the case of the Genesis Krypton 550 is easy as the upper casing is attached to the bottom plate with only two screws. These screws are hidden under the rear Teflon skate.


The micro-controller unit used on this mouse is made by Holtek, and is the HT68FB571 model. This unit has been around for a few years now and has been widely used in both gaming mice and RGB keyboards. Its main job is storing and controlling the RGB effects of the mouse among other things.


The main clicks use the Huano blue shell with white plunger mechanical switches. These switches are well known for their reliability and tactile feedback. They have an operating force of 70grams and have a rated lifespan of 20 million clicks.


The switches used for the middle scroll wheel click and the DPI & LED buttons up top are made by a company I have never seen before. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot offer more info about these switches.


The encoder of the scroll wheel is made by F-Switch and has a black casing with a green core.


The side buttons use the same switches as the middle click of the scroll wheel. This means the same unknown switches. What is good to see here is that the switches of the side buttons are reinforced by the top casing to prevent flexing. This reinforcement does its job unless you apply a lot of pressure on the buttons.

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