The sound quality with the Fifine AmpliGame A6V is great, especially if you have a bit of a gap between you and the microphone. The voice is clear and the background noise is kept to a minimum. However, while most of the background noise is not picked up, a keyboard next or under the microphone will be audible.
This microphone has a single recording pattern, Cardioid. This means that the best sound quality you can get is if you speak directly in front of the microphone.

Microphone sound sample


The metal made tripod is well made and easy to install. The threads on the tripod are made from brass which is a soft metal and will not wear the microphone threads. One drawback of this tripod is that it has only two positions, fully opened and ready for usage or closed.


Final thoughts

The Fifine AmpliGame A6V is a great budget microphone that can be successfully used for both gaming, voice over recordings and streaming. However, streaming is where this microphone should have some notes. First, the background noise is not picked up but, sound sources near the microphone will be heard, this includes keyboards and your desk space.
The sound quality is excellent from a microphone that is priced under 40 USD. This level of sound quality is often found and expected on more expensive microphones and thus, seeing this with the AmpliGame A6V is surprising.

The build quality is good even though most of the microphone is made from plastic. This is the case for everything except the mesh at the top of the casing and the included tripod.
The accessory bundle is good, you get a metal made tripod that works well and a USB Type C to USB Type A cable. The other accessories are already installed on the microphone and only the pop filter can be removed.

In conclusion, the Fifine AmpliGame A6V is a good value microphone that offers a great sound quality and an easy plug-n play functionally. The build quality is good and the RGB LEDs are interesting for those users that wanted them. The biggest advantage of this microphone though is the good sound quality.


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