Dream Machines DM Pad L and Dream Pad Rough Control


Dream Machines is a polish company with its headquarters in Warsaw, the company is focused on manufacturing gaming peripherals. The company was founded by a group of enthusiasts, with the goal of bringing on the market quality products. Dream Machines gained its popularity with the launch of their first product, the DM1 Pro.

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Packaging and accessories

The mouse mats are packaged in similar cardboard made boxes. Both boxes have an abstract design present on all sides. The main difference between these two is the white stripe design present on the Dream Pad Rough Control packaging.



Model: DreamPad Rough Control
Color: Black
Surface material: Microfibre
Type: Soft
Thickness: 4mm
Edges: Stitched
Waterproof: Yes
Weight: N/A
Available models & sizes: 400 x 450 x 4mm
Warranty: N/A

Model: DM PAD L
Color: Black
Surface material: Microfibre
Type: Soft
Thickness: 3mm
Edges: Stitched
Weight: N/A
Available models & sizes: 400 x 450 x 3mm
Warranty: N/A


Visual inspection

The DreamPad Rough Control is a new mouse mat from the company. It is available in only one size, and one color.
The design of this mat is simple, with a textile surface and stitched edges. The only change design wise that is present with this new model is the way the Dream Machines logo is presented, a simple label instead of a printed logo.

The DM PAD L has been on the market for a while but it still is a good choice for those that want a general use gaming mouse mat.
The design of the mat is just as simple as the DreamPad Rough Control. With an all-black textile texture on the top and rubberized base for extra grip. The only graphics present on this mouse mat is the Dream Machines logo, which is printed on the lower right corner of the mat.


The texture of both mats is textile on the top and rubberized on the lower part. However, here is where the similarities end, as the DreamPad Rough Control, as the name suggests, has a rougher texture than the DM PAD L.

The rough texture helps with tracking and will deliver a better accuracy with both laser and optical sensor mice.
The DM PAD L on the other hand has a soft textile surface that is easier on the mouse. In simple terms, the mouse will move with less resistance on the mat and give you a faster reaction.


The edges of both mouse mats are stitched. This is by far the best way to secure mouse mat edges. Stitching rarely comes undone, especially when done right, and it will not degrade as you wash the mouse mat.



The build quality of both the DreamPad Rough Control and DM PAD L is great. The top surface is uniform and the same can be said for the rubberized surface on the bottom.


In terms of performance, both mouse mats are good, but I’d prefer the DreamPad Rough Contro model as while it does make the mouse movements harder at first, it does offer more control and accuracy with a laser or optical sensor.

The Dream PAD L on the other hand is lightweight and offers a gliding motion for any mice that use Teflon feet. I’d say that this mouse mat is better for overall usage and for those that just want a quality mouse mat. While the rough control is better for those that want more accuracy and can deal with the accommodation period thanks to its rougher surface.


Final thoughts

The DreamPad Rough Control and DM PAD L are two mice mats that are similar in size and design. In fact, if you cover the Dream Machines logo, these mouse mats look identical. However, the highlight of both mats is the texture and how a mouse will perform on it.

The DreamPad Rough Control will give you more accuracy but you will find that its harder to move your mouse on it. While the DM PAD L will give you less accuracy but your mouse will easily glide on its surface.

In the end you cannot go wrong with either of them, but you need to keep in mind that they are not the same. With the DreamPad Rough Control at least, you need to use it for a few hours to a day to get used to the texture and get the most performance out of it.

In conclusion, the DreamPad Rough Control and DM PAD L are two great mouse mats that serve their purpose. One is will offer you a better accuracy at the expense of movement while the other will give you a superior mouse movement at the expense of accuracy. Both mouse mats are good and both perform as promised. In addition, the price tag of under 10 USD is excellent in a market that is overcrowded with expensive RGB mouse mats.

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