Visual inspection

The Crucial MX500 2TB has the same design as the rest of the MX500 SSD series. With a silver metal casing and a sticker on the front. This sticker has the usual MS500 graphics, with a blue background and an abstract pattern.

The back side of the SSD casing has a simple white SSD that has the technical information of the SSD. This includes the serial number, capacity, speed, interface and the place of manufacture.


The Crucial MX500 2TB uses the standard SATA 6.0Gb/s interface. This makes the SSD backwards compatible with all SATA devices and SATA power connectors.


The MX500 2TB just like the rest of the MX500 series is easy to disassemble, however, doing so will void your warranty as a tampering sticker is present.

The two parts of the casing are held together by four clips and four Phillips screws, which are installed on the sides of the SSD.


The PCB of the SSD is small, and barely takes up 25% of the size of the casing. This is done because all SSDs must fit inside the 2.5” form factor.


The core of the MX500 is the controller, a Silicon Motion unit, with the model number: SM2258H. This is a Single-Core controller that uses four Flash Channels and has an operating frequency of 400 MHz.


The memory chips are made by Micron, and have the model number: 2JE2D. A part number which is new to me but this being Micron it’s easy to figure out what these are. A simple FortisFlash TLC 64-layer memory chip.


With the MX500 2TB, Micron opted for a single 4GB DRAM chip, which is used for its cache system. This DRAM chip is DDR3 and has a frequency of 1866MHZ, it is made by Micron and has the model number: D9SHD.

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7 thoughts on “Crucial MX500 2TB

  1. Hi Tech Legend

    I have a laptop that does not support m.2 nVME. My question for you is –

    1. Should I go with Samsung 870 Evo or Mx500?


    1. Get the SSD that is cheaper, both are good. The Samsung is slightly faster but you will not notice that speed difference in your daily usage.

  2. I have used 40-50 mx500s and had no problem with any.
    These are very reliable and fast customers remark their computers are faster than new when changed over to Crucial ssds.

  3. Hi Techs,
    I need to install the SSD in my homelab in proxmox for virtual machines.
    So Mx500 is good for this purpose?

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