Crucial BX500 1TB


Micron Technology, Inc. is an American company headquartered in Boise, Idaho, founded on October 5th 1978.
The Micron products are marketed and sold under then Crucial and Ballistix brands, these products include: SDRAM type memory, DDR/2/3/4 RAM and NAND & Flash type storage chips.
In 2009, Micron was the first company to announce an SSD equipped with a SATA interface capable of 6 Gbit/s speeds. At the present time, Micron is involved in the manufacture and sale of memory chips for countless brands and product types.

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Packaging and accessories

The BX500 SSD is packaged in a simple cardboard box, with the same blue and white design, as other Crucial products. The front side of the box has a simple design, with the BX500 name and the Crucial by Micron emblem, as the only graphical elements present.


The back side of the box presents the software that is available on the Crucial website. On the lower side, the standard disclaimer regarding the variation in the total storage capacity is printed in different languages.


The sides of the packaging feature the full name of the SSD alongside the form factor and the interface.


The SSD is has a good protection inside the cardboard box. The SSD itself is protected by a hard-plastic clam shell on all sides, while the top and underside are protected by both the thin plastic and the cardboard of the box.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x User manual



Series: BX500
Model: CT1000BX500SSD1
Capacity: 1TB
Form Factor: SATA 2.5″
Interface: SATA 6.0Gb/s
Controller: Silicon Motion SMI SM2259XT
Flash Chips: Micron 96L TLC
Sequential Read: 540 MB/s
Sequential Write: 500 MB/s
Write Endurance: 240 TBW (total bytes written)
Life Expectancy (MTTF): 1.5 million hours
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
Operating Voltage: 8W (Max)
Warranty: 3 years

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