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Avantronics designs, develops and manufactures innovative high-quality accessories for the world’s most popular gadgets. From cases, screen protectors and accessories for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones and cables and power products.
Avantree is a well-known brand owned by Avantronics.


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Packaging and accessories

The transmitter is packaged in a cardboard box with a white background and green accents. The front side of box features a general image of the Oasis alongside the main features of the transmitter, the name of the product and the logo of the manufacturer are placed on the upper part of the box. The sides of the box list the main features of the product with suggestive images.


The backside of the packaging lists the features of the product in three languages, on the lower side the specifications are also printed.



The product comes with the following accessories:

– 1x User Manual
– 1x Charger
– 1x USB charging cable
– 1x Optical cable
– 1x RCA Audio cables
– 1x 3.5mm female to RCA male cable
– 1x 3.5mm audio cable



Bluetooth version: 4.1
Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP
Audio codec: aptX, aptX-LL, SBC
Operational range: Class I, up to 50 meters
Input voltage/ current: DC 5V/ 500mA
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Support sampling rate in optical mode: ≤48KHz
Support audio in optical mode: PCM / LPCM (Set your TV audio as PCM/LPCM format)
Product size: 114 × 75 × 30mm
Product weight: 90g


TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER 2-IN-1: One adapter to use as either transmitter or receiver, with the latest Bluetooth 4.1, can pair with two headphones / speakers at once.
LONG RANGE: -with separate antenna and Class I design, up to 164ft/ 50M range.
NO LIP SYNC DELAY: – Aptx Low latency certificated, it is ideal for watching TV, movies or playing games.
EASY TO USE: with full function voice prompts and 10 PCS LEDs for status indication makes it friendly to use.
SUPPORTS WIRELESS & WIRED: Simple switch to alternate between wired (bypass mode) to wireless( Bluetooth mode) without removing any cable connections.


Visual inspection

The Avantree Oasis is a 2-in-1 transmitter and reciever taht has a weight of just 90 grams and the following dimmensions: 114 × 75 × 30mm, thus the transmitter has a small footprint and can be placed in any desired location. The main controls of the Oasis are placed on a blacked out monocrome touch screen display, the status lights are placed on the same display.


The main ports of the transmitter are placed at the back of the device, these are the following (from left to right): DC in (power), Aux output, Optical output, Optical imput, Aux imput.



The Oasis transmitter was tested on a daily basis for several months before publishing this review, being connected to a TV and a speaker system. The range is advertised as 50 meters or 160 feet, however the device can go up to around 38 meters before the connection starts to lose its quality. A discrepancy of the advertised range of a few meters in the case of all bluetooth devices should not be taken as a negative, walls and other obstacles will affect the bluetooth connection.



Final thoughts

The Avantree Oasis allows for multiple devices to be connected at the same time while maintaining an operating range of approximately 40 meters. The pairing process is done with ease, the transmitter is designed from the factory to automatically pair with the last device that was connected. The overall design of the Oasis is good and follows suit with other Avantree products, due to its small footprint the transmitter can be easily placed in small places such as under a TV or PC monitor.

The audio and network performance is good, even with more than 30 meters and two solid walls between the Oasis and a pair of bluetooth headsets, the audio quality remained good while the bluetooth signal remained strong.

In conclusion, the Avantree Oasis is a 2-in-1 bluetooth solution that offers a good performance for the regular user, the wireless area is large enough to cover most scenarios, also keep in mind that the area of functionality will be different due to structural obstacles such as walls. The package offers everything to use the Oasis with two devices connected to it. The only inconvenient of this transmitter is the auto-connect function that can’t be turned off, this means that the transmitter will pair with the last device used right from the booting sequence.

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  1. Can i easily connect the Avantree Oassis to my Samsung HW-450 Soundbar or a Samsung UE 50H 5500 AW Led Smart TV, with 2 Headphones

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