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ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs in 2001 and has given distinction to it ever since. Today ARCTIC is one of the leading manufacturers in computer cooling and has acquired profound knowhow in consumer electronics.
Up until 2009, ARCTIC COOLING focused solely on cooling solutions. In 2010, we became ARCTIC with the additional aim to provide a comprehensive set of innovative consumer electronics and peripherals. ARCTIC’s long term goal is nothing less than being present in everybody’s home.

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Packaging and accessories

The monitor arm is packaged in a white box with blue accents. On the front side of the box the product is presented using an overview image of it, also below there are printed both the name of the cooler, a QR code and the name of the manufacturer “Arctic AC”.


The sides of the box provide an in-depth overview of the arm’s specifications, the way to use it and the contents of the package.


The back side showcases the stand using a general image of it attached to a monitor. On the right side, there are listed the specifications of the arm and of the USB 3.0 hub.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x User Manual
– 1x Cable clip
– 1x Decoration plate
– 1x Hex Key
– 1x Power Adapter
– 4x M4/M5 Spacer
– 4x M5 Screws (12mm)
– 4x M4 Screws (12mm)
– 4x M4 Screws (30mm)
– 4x M5 Screws (30mm)
– 4x M6 Screws (12mm)
– 1x Spring Screw
– 1x Allen Screw
– 1x Nut


3. Specificatii/Specifications

Model: Z1-3D
Weight: 3 Kg
USB Ports: 4x USB 3.0
USB Charging: Yes
Cable length: 2m
Tilt: +/- 45°
Swivel: 180°
Rotation: 360°
VESA Standard: 75 / 100
Lift: 36cm
Maximum table thickness: 65 mm
Maximum Monitor Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs) per mount
LCD size: 13″ – 38″
Warranty: 2 Years


– Gas Lift Arm: Thanks to the gas-lift technology, your monitor can be easily and smoothly rotated, swiveled or tilted in any direction.
– 3D Monitor Placement: The Z1-3D monitor arm provides you a completely new sense of work at your screen. On top of the standard rotation, swivel and tilt, Z1-3D allows you to move your monitor in any direction.
– Adjustment without Removing the Monitor: With the Z1-3D mounting head, tighten or loosen the swivel per your need in just a few seconds. No need to take the monitor down.
– Powered USB 3.0 Hub: With the USB 3.0 ports in the foot of the Z1-3D you can easily connect up to four USB devices at the same time. You can easy use the ports for your mouse, USB stick or keyboard and even for charging your smartphone because of the powered hub.


Visual inspection

The stand is composed from six main components: the base which features the main clamp and the USB hub, the metallic pylon, two rotating arms and the VESA plate for mounting on the monitor. The arm can support monitors with a weight of maximum 8kg and a size between 13″ and 38″.

The metallic clamp is mounted under the USB hub with the help of four metallic screws. The main clamp can be mounted on surfaces with a maximum thickness of 65mm.


The USB hub features 4 USB 3.0 ports for data transfer and charging. The body of the hub is made out of cast aluminum. The USB cable of the hub has a length of 2m, for charging, a separate AC charger is available.


The metallic pole is chromed, it screws into the base of the stand and has a height of 310mm.


The main arm of the stand is made out of plastic and metal; the adjustable piston is mounted inside its body. On the upper side, the arm is rubberized, featuring a circular pattern on the sides.


On the end of the arm, the VESA plate for the monitor installs, the plate itself is mounted on the arm with the help of a metallic hex nut and screw. 


The secondary clamp for height adjustment is mounted on the metallic pole of the stand, this slides on the pole, and thus, adjusts the height of the whole assembly.



The assembly of the stand is done with ease; the manual is thorough and the accessories are individually packed and labeled.
As a side note for the use of this stand, the surface on which the stand is mounted on must not be hollow. Arctic AC offers a few examples of surfaces compatible and not recommended.


The VESA mount is fixed on the back of the monitor using 4 metallic screws. The size of the plate ensures a better weight distribution of the monitor towards the arm of the stand.


The adjustment of the piston is achieved through the screw situated on the back of the superior arm. The rotating and setting sides are indicated though arrows above it.


Final thoughts

The Arctic Z1-3D offers an ergonomic system for any VESA compatible monitor. The assembly is done with ease and the mounting system and efficient. The arm allows the rotation of the monitor up to 360° and tilting to a 45° angle, also the arm allows the lift up to a height of 36cm.
The hub that is integrated into the base of the stand offers up to four USB 3.0 ports and the option of charging USB compatible devices. In addition, the charging is achieved with the usage of an additional power adapter and not through the motherboard’s USB ports. The build quality and the materials used are very good, the main materials used are cast aluminum, chromed metal and plastic.

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