Akasa Gecko Pro


Visual inspection

The Akasa Gecko Pro is a small M.2 SSD heatsink, made out of a single piece of metal, Aluminum to be exact. This M.2 heatsink has a height of just 8mm, a width of 22mm and a length of 71.5mm. This makes it ideal for small form factor systems where space is limited especially around the CPU socket where the M.2 socket is located.

The design of this M.2 heatsink is simple, with an all-black metal made radiator in the top and silver metal clips to hold it on the SSD.


The heatsink is made from solid metal and painted black to match any motherboard you can imagine. This all-black design is nothing new and has been used before but it is a safe choice and it works. The heatsink has no less than 15 cooling fins, each with a thickness of 1.5mm.


The only graphical element present on this heatsink is the Akasa logo placed on the front side. This logo is simple, as it is painted on in white.


The underside of the heatsink has a preinstalled thermal pad. This pad is only 1mm thick which is interesting given that many other M.2 heatsinks are using thicker pads, such as 1.5mm. Even at 1mm, this thermal pad should do its job just fine.

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