Neo Forza Server DRAM Available to DELL Data Center Customers

Cost effective server memory, qualified with DELL EMC Servers

Goldkey Technology Corporation (TPEx: 3135), known by its retail name “Neo Forza”, successfully completed qualification of its server modules, using Dell PowerEdge R650 and R750 series servers, units used on a loan basis from DELL. With this successful qualification, Neo Forza announces commercial and industrial channel partner availability of Neo Forza DDR4 RDIMM server memory, with dataranges ranging from DDR4 2133MT/s to 3200MT/s.

“Data center staff need to maximize platform performance and extend platform longevity. Neo Forza’s qualified DDR4 server memory assures these factors are met cost-effectively,” said Jess Kung, vice president of sales.

“Goldkey Technology Corporation has been on the forefront of the memory industry and is an integrated-circuit (I/C) specialist with technical acumen of more than 15 years. The successful qualification program amplifies our intrinsic value to our global customers.”

Even though, DDR5-enabled servers are being evaluated and adoption is prepared for 2022, Neo Forza firmly believes that the 2022 and 2023 sees continued usage of existing platforms with matured technologies on a global scale. Nevertheless, Neo Forza has already made available DDR5 server memory in Q2’2022 and is currently qualifying these modules with established Data Center server partners.

Details of the DDR4 server memory can be found here:

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