Trust Gaming GXT 860 Thura



Founded in 1981, Trust International B.V is a company specialized in the manufacturing of IT accessories with its headquarters in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The Trust products are oriented towards the budget segment of the market.
The Dutch company was initially founded under the name Aashima Technology B.V, but during the 90’ it became Trust International B.V. At this moment, the company has expanded in 19 countries from Europe while the Trust products are present in more than 44 countries.

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Packaging and accessories

The GXT 860 Thura is packaged in a regular multicolored cardboard box with a symmetric design.
The front side of the box features the keyboard presented with the help of a general image of it, while the name and model of the product are placed on the lower part, on the right upper corner we find a couple of the mouse’s features while on the opposite corner there is the Trust Gaming logo.


The back side of the packaging lists the features of the keyboard in six different languages while the same features are represented using a single general image of the keyboard located on the lower side of the box.


The keyboard and the accessories are held in place inside the packaging by a thin plastic frame.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x User Manual
– 1x Wrist rest
– 1x Sticker GXT Trust


Keyboard Type: Semi-Mechanical
Actuation force: 45 g
Backlighting: Yes, Individual LED’s on each key
Anti-Ghosting: Up to 16 keys
Dimensions: 40 x 452 x 213
Media Controls: Yes
Wrist Rest: Yes
Cable Type: Rubber
Cord length: 170cm
Connecting interface: USB 2.0
Weight: 1341 grams


– Semi mechanical keys: combine the soft touch of a conventional keyboard with the look & feel of a mechanical keyboard
– 9 rainbow wave color modes with adjustable brightness
– Special gaming mode for disabling the windows key
– Advanced anti-ghosting up to 16 simultaneous key pressings
– 12 direct access media keys
– Detachable wrist rest
– Real metal crafted top plate
– Anti-slip rubber feet


Visual inspection

The Trust Gaming GXT 860 Thura has a minimalistic design which allows a seamless integration of the LED illumination in each key and in the frame of the keyboard. The main feature of this model are the semi-mechanical switches that offer a tactile feedback similar to that of the mechanical switches. The keyboard can be used with or without the included wrist rest.


The detachable wrist wrest features a matte rubberized texture that is in contrast with the brushed texture of the keyboard. The wrist-wrest fixes onto the keyboard with the help of two plastic clips.


Each key is individually illuminated, also the keyboard uses semi-mechanical switches with an actuation force of 45g.


The keyboard uses a 170cm long cable, the USB connector of the keyboard is gold plated. The cable has no sleeving, the rubber coating being exposed.



The illumination of the keyboard is uniform both in the case of the keys and in the case of the frame. The unique design of the illumination consists of a transparent edge that is illuminated in tandem with the rest of the keyboard.


The GXT 860 Thura model was tested both in normal use & gaming.
Normal day to day use consisted of Internet browsing & a few writing applications (MS Word & Excel).
When it comes to games the keyboard behaved exemplary, being tested in multiple games.
The games used for testing are the following:
– Deus Ex Mankind Divided
– Battlefield 1 (multiplayer)
– Prey
– Kingdom Come Deliverance
– Grand Theft Auto V
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt



Final thoughts

The GXT 860 Thura is a hybrid keyboard that offers a good tactile feedback that is similar with that offered by mechanical keyboards, but at a reasonable price. The LED illumination implemented in the keyboard is good, the color changes are smooth and the keyboard offers up to 9 different color modes.
The main drawback of this keyboard is the lack of a single-color illumination mode, the GXT 860 Thura offers all the colors at the same time, the only customizing option being the 9 modes available from the factory.
The keyboard is not dependent on a software in order to use the 9 profiles of illumination or to work successfully as a “Plug & Play” device, this offers the keyboard both flexibility and mobility, making it ideal for eSports and LAN Party type of events.
In conclusion, the GXT 860 Thura is a gaming keyboard meant for the budget segment of the market, however it offers good build quality, The LED illumination is uniform and the semi-mechanical switches offer a good tactile and audio feedback. While gaming the keyboard behaves similar with genuine mechanical keyboards, especially keyboards that use Cherry MX Blue switches.

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